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Big thumbs up to "Run4it" Edinburgh

Sooo finally got round to taking my lovely "sherbert dib dabs" that had split back to Run4it after buying them at the end of April.

I expected a bit of a fight & had mfam channelled & at the ready to jump on a flight, boxing gloves at the ready should I need her.

But no.

Not a quibble, not a query, just a very swift & straight forward, "no problem we'll exchange these for you right now". And they did! I was in & out of the shop in about 10 mins flat carrying my nice shiny new "Sherbert Dib Dabs"

So lesson for today. Don't be afraid to take something back if it breaks. And don't be afraid to have Mfam at the ready just in case.๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

Coffee & Danish on it's way to you now Mfamilias!

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What were the ones that split? if you don't mind me asking


They were Nikes (zoom structured 18)

They split on the seam around the collar at my ankle oddly enough both trainers in the same place.

The girl in the shop said she'd only seen it once before & on a different brand.

Somepne else on the forum said it happened to the twice with different brands. Not sure what the cause is tbh.


I have bought all my shoes from run4 it edinburgh and can't fault service either. Great staff - always ask about your running and seem interested in what you doing Hope your new shoes make you fly


Well I'm not sure about fly but they sure are comfy which is the main thing! ๐Ÿ˜‰



I like my Nikes so don't let it put you off. I loved my Pegasus!


Me too, they are still going strong even if they look muddy and horrible. I have vomero 9 but the 10's look even better!!

Great service they exchanged them no problem!!


I'm not put off at all as they're just soooo comfy. Just one of these things I guess.


I tried the Vomero's and they felt fab. They're more cushioned than the Pegasus but might be my next choice. I have some Nike racing flats as well, the Nike Elite 6, which I chose as they were exactly the same colour as my Pegasus and I didn't want my old man to notice the difference or he would moan that I'd bought more running shoes. LOL

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Now thats clever!!!


Aw rats, I missed this post! Well done for getting them changed without any fuss (grumble grumble, Mfam munches on stale danish found in virtual letterbox). Boxing gloves still hanging on peg if anyone needs help swapping shoes for new ones. Edinburgh... Sniff... I lived in St Andrews for a year, and I loved going to Edinburgh.


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