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Hello. Does anybody have any advice on which running belts are the most practical / comfortable to use? I have been stuffing keys and all sorts into my sports bra for too long! I'm quite drawn to the Friendly Swede products on amazon. One's a stretchy material type band with pockets which goes around the waist/hips and the other is a two pocketed buckle and zip up affair. Bit concerned about reviews which say the belts bounce around whilst running as I think this would drive me mental. Any insights gratefully received!

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  • I've had a look at these and they seem just the ticket - great price too so I'll give them a go. Thanks Onestep!

  • I used the Karrimor running belt for years. It's just a very simple stretchy material wee bag that holds a smart phone and keys. It has an elastic belt so is comfortable, but as I prefer to wear if on my hips, rather than my waist, I wear it inside my capris/shorts. This stops any jiggling and moving. You just need to put the phone in a plastic bag to prevent it getting damp with sweat.

    Recently I've changed to using a running pouch from RooSport. More expensive, but it saves having any belt around me.

  • I also tried the Flipbelt, this is a continuous stretchy fabric thing, but I think the fit must be quite critical for this. The one I got was too big, despite careful measuring- so I gave it away.

  • Yes, I was afraid that this might be the case with some designs.

  • there are loads of threads here on belts and such like. Take time to browse them as there are lots of tips and suggestions

  • Thanks everyone for taking a moment to reply. I think I will plump for the Karmor 2pack currently on Amazon. Reviews are good and so's the price. Will let you know if there's any negative feedback...

  • I bought a belt from my local Mountain Warehouse just last weekend. I run with an armband for my phone, but when I do a parkrun it's always been a tight squeeze to fit my car key (have to drive to the parkrun) in the armband as well.

    So I thought a small running belt would be ideal to hold my car key, and maybe a bit of loose change (in case I fancy a post-parkrun 99). I looked in Sports Direct and they only had great big belts, so I just popped into Mountain Warehouse on the off chance and came out with one of their "Distance" belts for £5

    I can't say any more about it because it's still in the carrier bag I brought it home in. I do plan on using it for parkrun tomorrow though. I don't think my phone will fit in it, but then I'm happy with my armband for that.

  • My daughter and I have The Friendly Swede ones with the buckle and two pockets. They work very well. I like the fact that the pockets are waterproof so don't get sweaty inside. Daughter says its great for festivals and concerts too.

  • Ive got these and I can honestly say they are no good for smart phones

  • I have this Adidas belt -- I bought it primarily for the 3 small water bottles which sit in the small of my back. At the front it has a small zipped purse which is large enough for some money and ID card. I clip one of these soft spectacles cases to the belt at my side to carry my phone, It gives me easy access to the phone .

    The belt itself is fairly broad ( about 2 inches wide and is elasticised. Both ends use Velcro . I tighten it to a comfortable point and I find that there is no bounce at all with either the bottles or the phone. In fact it almost feels like it is "strengthening" my stomach muscles :) I am really pleased with it. I mainly bought it to use over distances longer than 5K ( for the water) but I am finding myself use it now even for 5K runs ( I don't carry the water then ) .

  • I have a spibelt which doesn't bounce and is really comfy. Won't carry a lot but I don't usually need to.

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