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Tech tantrum!


I am not a big tech user and I found myself having a complete tech tantrum just as I was about to set off running from the warm up this week, irritation has been building for a while. (Almost a foot stamping I just want to enjoy my effing run why won't you co-operate!) (I get nervous before running and that doesn't help!)

The trouble is I am making do with various things that are not really quite right. My iphone 4 is too old for all the interesting running/tracking apps I might need in future although it is fine for the couch to 5K. I can't have music on it without paying I don't think so I've also got a crap MP3 player. As this isn't bluetooth I have wired earbuds which tangle and pull and fall out of my ears. So please if anyone has any advice how I can get a better set up without spending a fortune I'd be glad of somewhere to start. I'd be prepared to get a newer phone if necessary. There is just so much stuff and as it has never been of interest to me I have no idea what I need or where to start. There is no internet signal where I run so that might effect choices too? Is it possible to get a phone that you can transfer music files to from a computer? or do you always need itunes etc or to pay a monthly fee for something. I really don't want to be tied in to constant payments.

Hellllllllp! Thankyou!

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I know what you mean regarding iTunes .. the wife has a phone you can copy music directly to. I purchased a blue tooth MP3 player for £15 online. Really small and clips onto your clothing, and a pair of cheap ish (£22) over the ear Bluetooth head phones. So not to bad, well worth it if it helps keep you active

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iTunes is a music manager as well as a store... it can manage your mp3 library and transfer music onto iPhone for free


I prefer to use stars for navigation purposes rather than GPS and music-wise all my files are in my head so l simply sing all my favourite songs which is quite liberating when running in densely populated areas.

Alternatively, get at least an iPhone 5, convert your favourite cds onto mp3 format on your computer and download them into your phone. Then google sports headphones and get one of those that clip over your ears and stay in place. You can get them for 10 quid. Or sing in densely populated areas.

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I'd love to navigate by the stars but I can't see them as the sun is beating down on me and the sweat is pouring into my eyes. As for the singing I try to keep that in my head as the lyrics I come up with are generally not appropriate for other ears. They are very entertaining me! :-) Thanks for the other suggestions!


Personally I navigate via geomancy, feeling the power of the lay lines thrum through the earth beneath my feet and listen to the music of the spirits wailing their introductions as I glide gracefully past. 😂😂😂

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Maybe I should ditch the tech, these other methods seem far more 'me'! :-) I'm not sure about the gliding gracefully part though, I've not really mastered that.

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Me neither, I just plod at a higher speed!


Hi happysouls!

I know how you feel. Having problems with technology can be a real pain. You can download free music from Amazon Prime (if you’re a member). I had problems with headphones too, so purchased ‘True Wireless Syllable Bluetooth Running Earphones.’ They hook over the ears and don’t slip when running and only cost £14.99. They work well for me!

Before I switched to wireless headphones that flapping wire was always getting in the way and often they would be yanked out of my ears. Then I tried a little trick that helped considerably, I just ran the wire under my tee shirt and out through the neck. May be worth giving it a go until you get something new.


Not sure if this will help but there is a C25k podcast where Laura gives the usual instructions with music at appropriate tempos. You might be able to use iTunes to access podcasts via your phone. They may not be your choice of tunes but it’s something.

The only downside I’ve found to having music is that I expect Laura to say take a break/walk as each tune ends. She’s teasing me. 😊

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Thanks I did actually manage to figure out how to get them onto my phone and have checked they work! That helps because I can put off any decision making for a couple of weeks longer and use those in the meantime. It will be odd hearing a voice again as the last couple of weeks I've had the app on silent so I don't have to listen to them! I just look at the screen for timing! :-)

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