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Again! I'm getting a bit fed up with this. The run itself was okay - just into Ashbourne, through the churchyard and back, but the sodding phone and apps didn't work.

I've ditched Mr. Mapmyrun as he couldn't keep his attention on me for more than 30 seconds. Mr. Endomondo was much more alert this morning, finding my location much quicker than Mr. MMR. I set my music playing - tracks carefully chosen starting with My Sharona at 150 bpm and increasing to the likes of Queen, Blondie and Elvis at 160 bpm, with a final flourish of Billy Idol at 165. I hit the button to start Endomondo, put my phone back into my armband - and promptly lost the volume. So I fished it out again, scrabbled around the various menus, put it back and set off. There was a long beep, so stopped, took it all out again - to find what looked like a fatal error on my phone. Eeek! I couldn't even switch the phone off, so I did the 'when in doubt, take the battery out' thing and restarted everything - to find that exactly the same thing happened again.

So I abandoned all hope of running to music and tracking my pace etc and set off running anyway. After what's usually about 3 minutes or so I remembered to start my stopwatch *sigh* and plodded around the church and back home.

I think that this armband is probably slightly tight on this phone, so perhaps there's a special combination button press that I am achieving by accident. I'll buy a different one before my next run and see if that makes a difference. Needless to say, the Carphone Warehouse manager hasn't delivered on his promise of a free armband :(

Good things about the run - I thought I'd only manage 15 minutes or so, but did the whole thing, which is normally around the 28 minutes mark. The churchyard has moved on from snowdrops and is now featuring a fab combination of pale daffodils, bright daffodils and forget-me-nots, so it looks absolutely gorgeous. And I saw my first swallows of the year! It must be spring :)

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I hope you get it sorted out Annie! Nothing more frustrating then fighting with technology in the middle of a run. The place you described, sounds glorious with the blooming flowers! Spring is here! YIPPEE! :-) Gayle


Thanks, Gayle - I'm sure it's just me being incompetent with the technology as usual :(

It is so beautiful here at the moment, just a bit of sun and everything is blooming like mad, trying to make up for the two weeks we've missed! It's lovely to run in :)


I have a difficult time working the television remote! ;-) I'm learning to like "silent" never fails I lose a charge! :-)


I used to work in the IT industry... but I had people to do the techie stuff :D I might have to go back to my trusty old mp3 player...


Sorry to hear about your techno problems :-(

What about an outing with no technology, just a run in the outdoors, stopwatch if you want?


But I get so boooored!!! Seriously, if I don't run with music, I start to get bored and want to finish. It's not quite as bad if I go up to the heights, because the scenery is so beautiful, but if I'm just plodding round the neighbourhood here it's very dull.

I only discovered the fun of trying to run to a beat a couple of weeks ago and I want to use that to increase my speed. I'm sure I can crack this, and I'll keep trying until I do!


If it's any comfort Annie (and I know it won't be), I was surprised to hear Endomondo telling me tonight that I had just completed my first mile in just over three minutes.

Hmmm - even the God of Hell Fire isn't as fast as that ....


Wow, Malcy, that's truly impressive :D


Oh Annie - I don't know if you're pulling my leg or if I hadn't made myself clear (:->). I like Endomondo but the GPS is hopelessly unreliable. I find it reads at least 20% optimistic but tonight's "mile in three minutes" came after not much more than a quarter mile.

Technology is great when it works but as both you and I are finding, it's hopeless when it fails.

At least our legs are technology-free zones!


Sorry, Malcy, I'm pulling your leg ;) Ah, the difficulties of technology, not just in telling us where we're located but in conveying all the nuances of being human!

So, wait a minute. You're telling me I've dumped Mr. Mapmyrun for a bloke that's equally unreliable? I've just started a new relationship with Mr. Endomondo and I was kinda hoping that he'd be the one for me. I suppose I should give him another chance, but I really am getting fed up with being stood up. Oh, well, I'll go out with him again tomorrow and see how we get on. Fingers crossed!


That's a relief - but yes, I do think that all of the GPS baed system are going to have some inconsistency / inaccuracy. A bit like the speedometers in cars being 10% optimistic


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