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Abandoned Run 😔


Had to abandon tonights attempt at week 8 run 1, I have IBS and upto now it’s not affected my running but obviously something I’ve eaten today has reacted with my gut. We were going to take a detour to avoid an uneven road I don’t like running on as well as being uneven due to tree roots and the path is on a slope so your constantly running with one leg stretched and the other not extended fully; thankfully we hadn’t gone past the point of no return when I had to abandon the run. Try again tomorrow.

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Well, the bit you did will give you a little more in the legs tomorrow.


Oh I'm sorry it happened that way for you this evening. Just one thing though, if you ran more than a few min, I'd take your rest day tomorrow. More metres in the bank on those legs and deserving of a repair day if it was more than a few min.

Oh - and that detour sounds a bit... not great!

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