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Short run in prep for building up- very comfortable!


Hi all,

In discussion with my run buddy we switched apps to one that was called 5 to 10K (don’t panic Admins - I’ll switch to the B210k to post later)

Tonight was the first run, and it was back to the equivalent of W5R3 of C25K: 5min walk, 20min Run, 5min walk. It’s the first time I have done a shorter run since then and wanted to post here, specifically, because there were 2 amazing revelations:

1) taking a week off after week 9 was a good idea, for me. The legs felt strong tonight and I am recovering faster.

2) I can run nearly 2 miles in 20 mins now and still finish strongly. Whereas the first time we did it, we didn’t get anywhere near the distance we did tonight, and I thought my lungs would explode at the end.

I’ve not done anything else but follow the C25K app - and even slowed down to nurse the knees to the end of Week 9 and around the park run. I thought it might help others here to understand that, even if it feels like you aren’t getting any fitter or faster, you ARE! You just don’t realise it yet. Please keep going! There is no way I could have gone out and run 11 minute mile pace in May and yet here I am - and enjoying it! Happy running everyone 😁

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Well done you! That's brilliant!! 😀😀😀😀😀

We don’t mind you posting on here at all, the B210k Just has more specific technical advice for your runs as they get longer. Great post and encouraging advice.

Well done! It just shows how much we all really improve with the programme! 😀❤️

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