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Can I move quicker?


Hi I am about to start week 5. But rather than follow the plan yesterday, I went running with a friend, who is a seasoned runner and ran the London marathon. I ran for 7 minutes, 8 minutes, 6 minutes and 5 minutes with walks I between, whilst also chatting.

The first run on week 5 is 5,5 and 5. This seems like a backwards step for me. Could I skip this one and go straight to run 2? which is 8 and 8 and still less than what I did yesterday.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes I would.


Sounds like you’re able to... just keep listening to your body as you go.


You know you can do complete the run..use it as consolidation for the runs that follow..and have the satisfaction of knowing that you will have done all the runs needed to take you to Graduation. 😊

Great, thank you.

I think I will do the same amount of runs, just up the length of time I run for 😊


Thing is... just take it gently... and get to the podium, injury free and having had fun... that is what it is all about :)


For a new runner back to back runs aren't recommended, there should be rest days, and the runs shouldn't be skipped or the run times adjusted or risk being on the injury couch, the programmes designed with safety in mind.

Why not do the full right run but regard it as an easy day? Just don't aggravate any body parts by going too quickly, it's SO frustrating lying on the couch waiting to heal up!

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