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Week 8 started well with probably my best run ever. I actually started to feel, well, like a runner! I measured my distance and found I'd done around 4.25K in the 28 minutes, which I was very happy about. If I built up a bit of speed over the next five runs, and with the extra two minutes for the Week 9 runs, I might even make it to 5K!

The day of my second run for Week 8 was the hottest of the year - nothing like as hot as in London etc, but boiling for Edinburgh. I'd had a sweaty morning at the allotment and couldn't seem to get enough water down me. Five minutes into the run and my legs felt leaden and so did my arms, which are actually scrawny wee things! By halfway I felt exhausted and kind of weird. Getting to the end was so hard and I confess to slowing to a walk for a few seconds three or four times. I felt so miserable and demoralised.

Determined to put that behind me I set off for today's run in the pouring rain, going very slowly to give myself the best chance of keeping going for the full 28 minutes. After 10 minutes of feeling fine I upped my speed a bit and for the last five minutes tried to make up for my slow start.

Week 8 has taught me that I'm rubbish at running in heat and enjoy running in rain. And that one bad run is only that, when most of them are so good.

Week 9 next!

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Well done. From what I hear of Scotland you won’t have to run in heat too often 😂

All things are relative though and we are used to our normal conditions, I even got used to Texas heat after a few months years ago... so you suffered just as much as those in that London. Way to go pushing through it.

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Thanks for the encouragement.


Well done. A great post. Brilliant achievement 👏👏.

I’m a few weeks behind you but determined to get there

in reply to Shakywakey

I'm sure you will. It's a great programme that really knows what it's doing. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck.


Well done great run and you are a runner 🏃‍♀️😊

in reply to Jelon

Aw, thanks Jelon. The encouragement from you guys really helps.

Fantastic achievement well done!

in reply to Gardengate

Thanks so much for the encouragement.

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