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Electric storm

I love running in the rain, and rescheduled yesterday's run to today as I knew it would be raining, but there is unforecast thunder and lightning - should I go out or would it be dangerous? French storms can be a bit vicious, my house got hit a couple of years ago and it knocked out all the electrics, blew up the fridge and washing machine....perhaps it will quiet down by the time I'm ready to go out.

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Stay in the house until the thunder and lightning stops. We don't want fried curly gurly !

Seriously though, you should never be the tallest thing outside in a storm.


Teeeeaaaabreaks! There you are! Wanna be my friend on Garmin? (Same name)

Actually it's brightened up a bit now, but the thunder could grumble away all day. I'm still guzzling my tea, just need another 4 mugs then I'm ready...

I'm only 5 FT 10IN!


Ooh yes I will add you or you can look for me. I'm Welsh Jan or Welsh Jan. Not on my computer at the mo. 😀


Love a great French thunderstorm (did a lot of camping there as a kid) blow up out of nowhere, pee it down and sunshine again before you know it........awesome! Hope you didn't get fried ;)


No, I'm still here! It was raining heavily, but the storm had finished. And, yes, the sun came out after, then strong breezes.. a bit of everything yesterday!


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