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Slightly defeated by my back tonight.

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Frustratingly I've developed a pain on one side of my back. I went out anyway to do week7r2 and had the legs and a good pace but after about 18 minutes the back pain caused me to stop and walk for a bit. I managed to get a few more minutes running in at the end and now going to rest with some ibuprofen.

Hoping to be on track to complete the week though as everything else is good. 😀

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I feel for you, I haven’t run for 11 days due to a bad back. Really missing it but hopefully back on it tomorrow.

Hope you recover quickly. Try to keep moving.

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CrawlhomeGraduate in reply to Kamia

Thanks, it's so frustrating isn't it? Plus I've been doing core exercises alongside my running which should reduce the risk. Hope you get to run today and your back is much improved.

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KamiaGraduate in reply to Crawlhome

I watched a video where this guy said whatever you can do on your weakest side (reps, seconds etc) that’s what you do on your strongest side.

I went to see an osteopath, he said my left side is weaker apart from my hamstring which is stronger and I probably keep hurting my back because of this. He gave the same advice as the guy in the video and gave me some exercises to do.

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I can understand your frustration regarding the pain on your back, I hope you recover quickly. During my C25K program and after including the 3 weeks of post-grad runs I had no problem whatsoever regarding pain anywhere. Since the last post grad run I have had a slight pain on my left hip, not much as I can do all other exercises but when I walk fast or try to run it gets quite sore. This morning I did 4 three minute runs with three two minute walks in between to see how I would do in a full 5k run. My hip was not as sore as last week but nevertheless, the pace I did on those 3-minute runs was slower than the runs in the first week of C25K. I will just have to be patient and only run a few times a week for no more than three minutes at a time until my hip is no longer sore. The pace I was going at before this all happened would have seen me running 5k in around 34 minutes.

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