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Hi. I am just start week 8 first run. So proud as I was so jealous looking at people running at the gym, on the street or for my brother who did half marathon. There was not any courage that I could start myself. Being overweight without any confidence I decided to try....every week I was saying ..yes..I did it . Now almost finishing the training I have realised that I never run for 5k even I have run for 28 min. I was listing the advice that this program is not about the speed but how to reach 5k? I do the training on the treadmill..which level of speed I should choose it? Do I have to repeat program but faster?

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It’s not about doing 5k at all, just running for 30 minutes :)

Do that 3 times a week and I imagine you’ll pick up a little bit of speed when you get fitter.

Just push yourself when you feel like you can :) when I was doing the 28 minute runs I could do just under 4k on the treadmill.

The 30 minute runs outdoors and I’m doing like 3.6/3.7k.

Today I did my final run of the program and I just kept running to 5k. I did it in around 41 minutes.

That isn’t going to be a regular thing for me though, not just yet. I’m just going to keep running for 30 minutes three times a week, and maybe slowly up the time I run for (there’s a 10% rule somewhere).

Don’t worry about the distance, if you feel like you can push yourself on your last run to reach 5k then just keep running until you get there! If you can’t then no worries, just keep going with your 30 minutes, that’s still amazing 😃

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Thank you. I will take your advice on board for sure. Happy now

Good to hear it!

Trust me, my first run of week 9 I felt really good and felt like I was going to properly attack week 9.

I was on the treadmill, so I set it to the speed needed to do the 5k in 30 minutes. I managed to get through the first k at that pace, and then properly struggled. I slowed down to my ‘normal’ pace and I couldn’t even maintain that. I ended up slowing down even more to more what my outdoor pace is. I managed to pick it up again towards the end but it was a horrible run for me.

The advice I got was start out slow and steady and then if I feel like I have more to give then gradually up the pace a bit 😃

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I totally agree with the advice given by sortyourlife 👍


You’re in week 8, that’s fantastic! Well done :) The main aim of the programme is to get you running for 30 minutes without stopping, by the end of week 9. Distance is not so important, and speed is also not important. The aim is to find a pace you can keep up for a full 30 minutes. You are doing briliantly already, just keep doing what you are doing, and don’t worry about 5k! :)

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Thank you for your advice. I was feeling little down today even I finished run in 28min.

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I was feeling a bit like this too - I've given myself a good talking to and am remembering how amazed I felt when I completed the 20 minute run and that this is what matters, not the speed/distance.


Well Swartois, your certainly not alone in not achieving the 5k in 30 minutes and more importantly it’s not about running 5k. It’s about the amazing achievement of being out there running for 30 minutes non stop. Remember those 1 minute runs in W1?

I’m way off 5k but this body of mine loves to run. Even if it took me 50 minutes to run 5k, it’s the ability to run for 50 mins that would be a big wowser! Youre doing brilliantly! Keep it slow and keep it fun! Try not to create additional pressures that make it less fun! Do the best version of you! That’s pretty amazing!! ❤️


Hi Swartois, I recently graduated and I can’t even manage 3km in 30 mins yet. The point is, I am running for 30 mins! The distance for me is irrelevant and I will build on this over time.

We’re all built differently and what one person may achieve easily the next person struggles with. At least we’re doing it though 😃


In my opinion the programme should be called Couch to 30mins, as that's far more accurate and the 5K bit just raises these kind of questions and puts the pressure on unnecessarily.

For a lot of people, 5K in 30 mins won't happen for a long time after the programme, if ever!


I will never run 5k in 30 mins and that's fine with me! But i can run for 30 minutes comfortably now and will get to 5k in what ever time it takes. 5k is the goal but it won't be in 30 mins! I think the programme gets you to a place where 5k is an achievable goal, most don't get to run a 30 min 5k at graduation. But we are running!!!3😃


Thank you to all who gave me advices and good words. I am really appreciate as that was a big motivation for me. I am really happy that I have gratitude today running for 30min, less than 5k obviously.

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