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So after graduating last week, things on board the rig got a bit manic and with crew changes and power outages I only got 2 runs in. This week is my last week here before I get 3 weeks on land. I decided I needed a program to follow again so I got the 5k+ podcasts and went for a run doing the speed one last night. It went quite well, tho I am annoyed with myself. When Laura told me it was time to slow down to the walk I could probably have done an extra 30secs-1min run and as I was only 177m from the 5k mark I feel like I should have carried on a bit further and got it. Oh well, tomorrow is my last chance on here for 3 weeks so I may find myself pushing myself that extra 177m

Edit: No idea why those tags are on, they aren't showing up when I edit it

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Will you run outside when you get on land :)

sparklyowlGraduate in reply to sparky66

Yeah, I much prefer it. I wake up early anyway as used to getting up between 5 and 5:30 on here so go for a run before most people are getting up and then back to enjoy my day, not sure how its going to be now tho with darker mornings

sparky66Graduate in reply to sparklyowl

Yeah I'm a bit worried about the darker mornings drawins in.. my routes are pretty remote. No lighting.. and I cant run any distance on the pavement because of a knee injury.. I'm sure we will find something suitable ;)

Good luck with your 5k I'm sure you will get there very soon :)


The tags have been a bit random lately...!! Running on a rig?? That must be interesting, and the speed podcast is a great interval workout, well done!

sparklyowlGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

I'm glad the tags aren't just me or the slow internet. It can be, its calm waters right now so wasn't too bad last night. I felt good after it :)


Tags are mental on here! It's quite a sport on here as to who can get the weirdest ones, and there have been some beauties!

The +podcasts are brill! They really get you shifting. They are a bit odd as they go slow, slow, quick,quick, slower. Some folks hate em but I think they are good practice so run them all the time.

Well done for sticking with the runs in not the ideal of circs. You'll be stormin when you get onto terra firma.

Ta for the photo. That's the nearest I've ever been to a running machine dashboard

sparklyowlGraduate in reply to misswobble

You are welcome for the picture. Sadly it breaks up the monotony of groundhog day on here. Home today tho and out for a run outside tomorrow morning :)


I think you used the word manic and the tags went into overdrive!

Go for the 5k!


Off Topic - but thinking of you when I was rereading this last night 'Outpost' by Adam Baker. :) Don't let the 'sci fi' tags on it put you off giving it a go at least - and if you do finish it I would love to hear if the Oil Rig part is captured accurately :)

sparklyowlGraduate in reply to Irish-John

I will download it on my kindle when I get home as its home day today :)


Well done you! You can push on next time if you like but as your second post graduation run you've done great. Don't lose sight of it! :)

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