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Nowhere near 5k!!!

Hi to this forum. Will do week 9 run 3 in style on Christmas day to finish, but am such a slow runner that I have never run further than 2.3k even though I can now run for a full 30 mins!!! I'm carrying a lot of weight still (which IS shifting) but it's getting me down that I just can't travel very far!!!! I'm thinking of doing an interval training podcast to improve my speed. Any other tips? Or did anyone else find that they were no where near the 5k by the end???

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Welcome along. Well done on what you have done so far. 30mins is no easy task to make. I would recommend doing the stepping stones pod cast a few times before speed. It will help build you up and develop some strength in your legs first and also help with running posture. Speed can always come later. Like you i carry a little lumber and not that quick (well i think i am slow) but i have hit the distance using stepping stones and the pace is about right for me at the moment. Its well worth a go.

But, i would say just go at your pace that you are happy with and maybe work towards the distance gradually. best of luck and keep going, you will get there with time.


Thank you Kurama, I saw the stepping stones podcast. Will give it a go. :-)


Hi Heggers! You really, really don't need to worry about your speed. C25K is all about running for 30 minutes 3 times a week, and attracts a diverse range of runners. Some of us are youngsters with really fast running (Aftabs, I'm thinking of you!) and some of us are long distance runners (JuicyJu!) and some of us are much slower. But at graduation, we all shared something in common - we are runners and can run for 30 minutes. Distance, speed, meh! Not important. From reviewing the 'graduation' posts on this forum, I'd say you are in the majority.

After graduation, we all like to set ourselves some new personal target. Many just want to run 3 times per week. Some want to run their local ParkRun. Sometimes (like you) the goal is to run faster, and for some, to run further. That is where we start to differ. You'll find Laura's speed podcast C25k+ may help you run faster. I simply repeated C25K from week 1, but running (10% faster than normal) and jogging (instead of running and walking).

Once you 'plateau' on running for 30 minutes, you will find it progressively easier, and your speed will increase quite naturally. But your plan for intervals will really help you run faster. My running colleague (20 minutes 5km pace (!!) has improved his times by running +10% faster for 400m, followed by a 400m recovery run at 10% slower than his usual pace. You'll find some interval plans online to help you. DON'T just try to run faster for 30 minutes as you'll tire yourself out and get disheartened.

Enjoy your running, and how wonderful to graduate on Christmas Day.


Fab advice again. Thanks v much all. xxx


Ha ha graduated in October and nowhere near 5k in 30 mins! Speeding up a little bit by running with a metronome to keep my pace steady though, if that helps??!!


Great idea!! Might give it a go. :-)


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