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W5:2 - foot problems


Just back after run 2 of week five feeling pretty elated that i managed to run for 8 minutes without stopping not once but twice!

However I've started to get a problem with my right foot, a couple of times on the cool down walk it's gone numb, with pins and needles. This time it did it during the last 8 minute run itself. Can anyone offer advice?

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Congrats on the run, sorry to hear about the pain. Not a doctor or anything like that but best to get it checked out imo - have a read of this - ballsbridgephysio.ie/news/f... - good luck hope you get it sorted

SleepyAsh in reply to jannerm

That's really helpful thank you!

Could be as simple as your laces are too tight. As you run, your feet can swell and shoes get too tight. I have my laces really loose- I can slide my foot in without undoing them (after all I said to my children!)

If you google methods of lacing your trainers, you will find alternative methods that might help :)

KayBee1000Graduate in reply to helenwheels

I was coming here to say this - my trainers feel a bit loose when I start, but are tighter at the end. I too find my feet feel funny if my laces are too tight.

That's great thank you, feeling reassured and hopeful so I'm glad I asked for help! Googling now!

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