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Post grad runs - to walk or not to walk?

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Hi all,

Finally graduated last week - took a little longer than 9 weeks as occasionally life got in the way of running! But so proud of myself as it's the first fitness programme I have EVER completed. Like so many others here I can't believe that I can now run for 30mins! Although haven't managed to break through the 4K barrier yet. 😁

Quick question - do people still do 5min warm up and warm down walks? Or just start running straight away?

Thanks and happy running all.

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Yes, need to warmup before running.. the cooldown walk isn't quite as important, but need to keep moving for a while and do some stretches while still warm, don't immediately after a run go and sit down doing nothing, you'll stiffen up..

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Certainly before even the best runners in the world warm up for 5 or more minutes... and some modern sports scientists discourage stretching before.

Post run is more debatable, and here stretches are encouraged.

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Fantastic you! Brilliant job! I still warm up and warm down as they say! ❤️

I warm up at home before my run. Well done to you Couchpotato 1972

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I still warm up with dynamic exercises and a five minute walk. After the run I do a five minute cool down walk and stretching as it stops me getting stiff.

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Well done you, you have a right to be proud!! Enjoy! 😁. I still do the 5 minute walk. Well, did. Been on the IC for a few weeks with a damaged Achilles and it’s driving me nuts. I feel like a sloth and I’m itching to get back out there. I think it happened because I hadn’t warmed up enough. I usually Potter about at home, then head out, do the 5min and then off. But on the day in question I was keen to get out while it was cool, so basically up and out the door. I’m thinking that’s maybe why it happened. I’ll never know, but can’t wait to join all you guys again. Take care 😘

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Just to add to what everyone else is saying, do a warm up. I have a 5 or so minute walk before I run. I confess I rarely do a cool down, though I run in the evenings then generally jump in the shower and do bits around the house, so I not running then immediately resting

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