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MoJo, Migraines, Mozzie Bites - 6 months down, 6 to go


Hi all

This is a belated half year review of my Alzheimer’s Challenge to run the year - that is 2018km in 2018. At the end of June I needed to be at 1009km and was actually 100km further on with 1,109km run.

Now that we have the heat of summer here in Le Marche, I realise that the 100 km cushion is seriously important, as the combination of migraines, and in truth a slight dip in my motivation, has made getting out there a lot harder than I realised.

I had some help on motivation with the lovely Polly2810 sponsoring me in my challenge - thanks P, and as ever rolysmate providing snake-hipped inspiration with his tales of half marathons and Razouski meeting up for lunch too and talking about her own accidental half marathon. Needless to say none of my runs could have been done without the role model that is ju-ju- , whose own running streak is just amazing and always done in glorious style.

I’ve discovered some new routes and met some new characters, so if you want to be abducted by aliens, I’ve discovered War Of the Worlds Lane, and have two new characters who’ve entered my life Dame Duvet Dench and Miss Marsupio. These also help keep my mind off my destroyed feet and the never ending laundry.

To anyone just in the midst of the C25k plan, can I just say that a year ago I was a beginner just like you and meeting Mr Smooth changed my life. I never thought that running could be become a bug, but it has. This is a much better bug, than the ***%%@@@ mosquitoes, who seem to like sweaty runner’s legs, and more specifically my sweaty runner’s legs. I blog all my runs at, if you’re interested to catch up with Dame Duvet..., the hill that kills and so on.

Thanks all for the messages of support both on here, private messages, facebook, my blog. Oh and the playlist help too.... my latest the ska and two tone, is a big favourite at present, because the beat seems to be the perfect cadence for running.

Happy running all,

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You are doing so brilliantly, and Thankyou for your lovely mention too..... when you get the dips in motivation let your determination kick in and just go out there and run..... you are so going to nail this too... 😎

in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks ju-ju- it will happen, I guess it’s a case of mid-term blues, you’re right you just have to get out there and run. So that’s the plan, keep on running...


Hi Jan, you are doing brilliantly, a true role model!

You are covering so much ground, across several countries! You must surely be a running expert by now and you are most definitely an inspiration to us all.

If you have come this far on your challenge and queringly yourself, I think you lack an understanding of just how major your motivation is. You are doing great!

Happy running Jan 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

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Thanks for this, I don’t feel like a running expert at all, but we keep putting the feet one step in front of the other and somehow the kms are racking up. Still it’s nice to think that in just 156 days time I will be done ... Yes you’re right it is Christmas Eve that’s my target completion date! Thanks for the support as ever...



Jan you are doing so well, I am in awe of your get up and go. It's such a good cause you are running for, and you may be plagued with mosquitoes and migraines, but I have no doubt that you can do this. We need to find a theme for the next playlist - I'm thinking possibly about reggae, although that may possibly be too lay back.

I've been sticking to 10km myself of late because anything more is too much in this heat - and that's just in Blighty. Heaven knows what it must be like in Italy for you.

Just keep going One Step Beyond !

in reply to Razouski

Hi well I think you do brilliantly and so fast too.. Next playlist - I’d started on Disco Divas and was going to do an appeal on here for suggestions, but a bit later in the month maybe. But I think reggae would be good too, as I was surprised at just how great the two tone and ska list was for pacing and cadence. So many of the tracks just roll nicely into the next without the major shifts in tempo, which can sometimes mess up my running. But we can work out which playlist we do.

It is hot here and I guess the difference between here and UK is that the heat rises so much earlier in the day - I can leave the house at 19 degrees and just an hour later it’s close on 25. But am still plodding along, but like you have more or less dropped longer runs and generally keep to the 8-10km level.

One Step Beyond is my mantra!


What a wonderful post! You are amazing! Don’t despair :-)) !!

Thanks Susie, I’m not despairing quite yet, but it is a bit hard to do in the heat and with biting insects, but I cant complain, Le Marche is a lovely place to be doing this in. That I must remember, so the self indulgent whingeing has just stopped! (although it may reappear again I guess!) :)


Ooh Jan that is an absolutely gorgeous place to run! Lucky you and thanks for sharing. Your journey is very inspirational. 😍❤️

Thanks for the good wishes, every one helps me to keep doing those runs!


Youre doing great! Keep with it show those mosquitoes and you are more than welcome!! You can so do this!! You inspired me when I started last year and will always be grateful for that. Happy running 🏃🏻‍♀️ x

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Thanks for this, we had a mega storm last night and it seems to have frightened the mozzies away - at least for a day, so I’ve got to go out and run again, to make up my deficit. Thanks P, I will get there just occasionally we get a dip in enthusiasm...

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I can totally understand..we just back from a mini Cruise and I packed my gear fully intending to run round the shop but it didn’t quite happen!!

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Yes , well life does get in the way and a mini cruise is a good excuse not to run imho.


So today my hydration has been good and I have had to continually keep pulling my trousers up, snake hips here I come lol, all is good in the world!

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