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6 months after graduating :)


It's been around 6 months since I graduated, it has been so worth it.

Not a great believer at the beginning that I would achieve not only the 5k program but now I run 10k 15k sometimes more, 3/4 times a week.

48 this year, ex smoker with emphysema ( supposedly! ) I have just signed up for the Paris half marathon and will without a doubt be doing a full marathon this year :)

The benefits are enormous, all of my lung capacity has come back ( the doctors say its not possible and the first test/scan must have been wrong hmmm) lost 10kg, this wasn't a goal but it still feels great & I and feel fitter than I did when I was 20.

My 6 year old son ( and woofy the yorkshire terrier) now come out on my shorter country trail runs he loves it! he told me yesterday "dad, we should run round the world together" wow. I think thats what has motivated me to post again, I had a tear in my eye.

these special moments shared with him are pure gold, he prefers to come out with me for a run than watching the TV together :) education by example is always a winner :) I'm sure that my new life as a runner will have enormous psychological knock on effects for him, as well as the obvious ones for me.... Running has become an integral part of my life, the changes have been enormous to my overall well- being and that of my family. Don't give up, its a lifechanger, I have even grown to like lycra and crazy coloured running shoes....

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"dad, we should run round the world together"

That is so lovely. You are setting him such a good example!


Lovely pic and post and a huge example of the benefits of running to all of us! Thank you for sharing.☺

You should run around the world together! Maybe start with a short little stretch in Paris ☺

Amazingly inspirational post. Well done and thanks for sharing


What a beautiful post. Running can change your life and children are such an inspiration.


An inspirational post. Many congratulations on an amazing running journey.


Lovely post! Very inspiring!


Priceless memories. So inspiring... thank you for sharing.:)


wow what an inspirational post :)


Made me well up , brilliant post . What a fantastic example for your son xxx

True Yorkshire grit at its finest ! :-)

Good Luck with your training ! Xxx

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