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Feeling low


Hi. Don't normally post as I dont know what to say half the time, but here goes. I had just started W4 when I decided to run outdoor for run 2 (I normally run on a tradmiill. Anyway completed the run felt ok then 3 days later I'm in hospital being treated for celulitus in the left leg. That was 4 weeks ago, I had 15 days of intravenous antibiotics but now just penicillin tablets 4 times a day. Im still off work and the left leg is still swollen. The hospital dont know what causes it, but I'm just saying to be careful as theres lots of nasty little nasty things out there at the moment.

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Oh dear my husband has to keep antibiotics in the house because of insect bites hope it’s a speedy recovery

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Thank you


What a blow, you poor thing. It's so frustrating to be restricted by injury. I wish you a speedy recovery. 🤗

If you can manage any exercise, even just arms, try something as it really does make us feel better.💪

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I'm doing upper body exercises and more diet has improved so thats a positive

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That's great!! Everything you CAN do will make you feel a bit better about what you cannot do. You'll soon be back to it and fitter than ever 👍✊😁


Sorry to hear this my friend had cellulitis three times and she’s a runner (not related though) but she got infection from the sea when there was a sewage spill in Worthing. I hope you can get back to the running soon. I know there are lots of people on the IC right now and I’m only just coming off it and back to week one after three months of hardly being able to run . You will get there 🙂🙂

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I know but it's a pain not being able to move as much and as quick as my mind wants to. But hey ho!


Goodness... I really, really empathise... I had an infected horsefly bite a few weeks back..it and the antibiotics, seven days worth 2000 mg a day really zapped me!

Mine too turned into cellulitis, but I was lucky and it was being treated within 48 hrs of the bite! It was alas very obvious where the bite was..


There are some horrid creatures out there and the horseflies have been particularly virulent, and a rise in tick bites too !

Hopefully you will begin to feel much better soon.... and the runs will still be there:) As will we :)

Oh how sad. Are you able to do some gentle yoga maybe? I do yoga alongside running and it’s so relaxing. There are lots of videos on YouTube to follow (I personally love Yoga with Adriene). She has lots of different intensity videos for any/all parts of the body.

Maybe yoga hasn’t ever been your thing, but it’s worth a try perhaps?

Hope you make a speedy recovery. ❤️🙂

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