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Feeling quite low today

After completing my 20 min run on Saturday and feeling brilliant on Sunday I decided to do an hour on the Wii on my rest day. Seems this exercise lark has become addictive! I didn't really warm up properly and when my thighs started cramping I should have stopped but I was determined to push myself and did another 45 mins! What was I thinking? Seems I got a touch of the cockiness danzargo had already warned me about.

I woke up yesterday in total agony, my back, arms and legs totally seized. I had a hot bath last night which eased it a bit but couldn't do my run as I could barely walk. I'm still hobbling around today and not sure if I'll be able to start week 6 tonight either.

(Squeamish reader warning). On top of that I went to the doctors last night to get an abnormal mole on my thigh checked out and I've been told I'm going to have to have it cut out. This will mean stitches in my leg. I've never had to have anything like this done before and being a bit of a wimp I'm terrified! Just worked it out and this is going to coincide with week 9 of the plan. The doctor has advised I won't be able to do anything strenuous that might affect the stitches and the healing so in the week I'm supposed to be finishing the plan and getting the lovely graduate badge, I'm going to have to stop running. Gutted :(

Has anyone else experienced anything like this where they've had to stop the plan and restart? I'm worried I might have to go back a few weeks and it will be like starting from scratch when I've come so far.

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I'm following the plan but not religiously week to week. Sometimes stuff gets in the way and I can't run for whatever reason. I have a problem with my ankle so have a couple more rest days till that stops hurting etc but I am determined to keep going. O don't care of it takes me 9 weeks or 19 I will get there.

If you put toomuch pressure on yourself you will do silly things like extra runs on your rest days etc just so you can finish on time.

Do what you can when you can. Your end result will still be the same x


Hi Running em..

Don't think of it as stopping running but just as taking longer on your journey ... and remember you are doing more than you did six weeks ago :)

My running was a little different in that I managed to graduate, went on holiday, had to have some medical tests that made running hard so came down from my euphoric 30 min graduation to really struggling with ten minute run. After a few days of feeling down and like giving up I decided that it was not about graduating and running the 30 minutes once but about getting myself fitter to help my health problems (severe high blood pressure) so even after graduating in April I am still only running 20 minutes every other day .. but that is ok and I have accepted it.

I didn't do anything but walking on my day off so never had the hobbling in between so look after yourself and don't over do it :)

As for the mole, hope that all goes well, and please don't be scared, just follow your doctors instructions :)

..and whatever happens remember that you are already a runner, so just keep getting out the door when you can.

Good luck and keep us posted :)


Sorry to hear you're a bit down, it took me 14 weeks to complete c25k due to injury, you are not a long, most runners get injured in the first year from doing too much.

What you have learnt is that next you'll listen to your body (can't promise that, us runner are stubborn and often ignore our own advice)

Take care :-)


* alone


My daughter had a very large mole removed from her back when she was about ten. She is very pale-skinned and it was as though all her pigment had congregated in one patch. She said it was uncomfortable rather than painful, mind you she is very stoic (even at ten). You'll feel better for having it removed and your body will know when to restart running.


Sorry you are feeling so bad. Give yourself a day or two extra to recover and then get back on with the running having learnt a valuable lesson! Don't worry about having stitches etc. Give yourself time to heal then keep going!

It took me around 9 months to complete the program so don't feel like you have failed if you don't do it in the allotted 9 weeks. I didn't have health problems but a holiday, a death in the family, being a mum with small children all got in the way. I'm so glad I kept going and I am still going. I do 5-10km runs 2-3 times a week now. I think all of us here have good days and bad days. Good runs and bad runs but the main thing it to keep at it. You will get there.


Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement. I decided last night to go out and try and see what I could do and I managed week 6 run 1 so very pleased. You are right that a delay of a couple of weeks shouldn't get me down. I've come so far and I'm just going to try and focus on being proud of my achievements.


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