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Still here and still cracking on with week 8. After millions of attempts I have managed to do two of the 28 min runs. No idea why I keep stopping before the 28 mins are up but I just dont have the willpower to keep going on my own but I wont give up and will do that final run if its the last thing I do. Anyway thats not the point of my post. Ive had a dodgey knee for a year or so so always have it strapped up when I run and luckily running hasnt made it any dodgier. But I am being bothered by the lower part of the leg on the opposite side to the dodgey knee. It doesnt hurt at all when I run but during the course of the day and evening and sometimes even in bed I have this painful burning sensation in it and the only way to relieve the pain is to put my hands round my leg and hold it really tight. Im assuming seeing as it hurts when I rest it and not when I run there is no need to stop running but it is becoming quite annoying having to put up with the pain all the time. From this rather random explanation of my symptoms does anyone have any ideas what it could be?


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  • Well done on getting this far! Just keep on running slow but sure and you will get there. Don't worry!

    Your niggly leg is probably just that! As you run more, longer, further your legs will get stronger. I had proper dicky legs during the night when I first started. I named the condition "electric legs". Mine were buzzing, it was weird. My husband who had done a bit of running back in the day said it was because my body was changing. It had woken up to the new levels of exertion and was adapting

    Hopefully there is nothing to worry about and you can keep running. If the pain persists then by all means get it checked out

  • Best get it checked out by a doctor, noyone on here is qualified to give advice on this pain, just assumptions... chin up Tich! Hope it goes away soon!😊

  • Hi Titch121..i have been thinking of you. I was so hoping we could pass that finish line together. We were both chugging along at the same pace there for awhile. I'm so glad to hear you still aren't giving up. Just give it time and it will come. Honestly I don't even know how I was able to graduate.lol I think it's was just pure will or stubbornness hahaha. About your knee, like davelinks said, I would get it checked out by a doctor. Especially if this has been a long time problem for you. That being said It could be so many things. The 'burning' sensation you describe leads me to believe that you are having nerve irritation somewhere. My guess would be from your back. I have lots of issues with my back and I have the burning sensation down my legs, bum etc..on the one side. Sometimes I just have it on my lower leg. It is the most intense 'burning' feeling. Honestly some days I can't even get comfortable because it's so painful. It can keep me up at night. It doesn't bother me running either. Once I stop that's another story.lol Is it the outer aspect of your leg? It could also be inflammation but that typically doesn't involve 'burning' in the leg. Are you diabetic? Sometimes with progressing diabetes you can develop nerve irritation in the lower legs..something to think about. There are a few things you could try..1. I'm from Canada and i'm not sure where you live but if you could find some Capsaicin cream (the brand I use is called Zostrix hp) you could try putting a small amount on that lower leg and see if it helps. I warn you though use very little at the start because this stuff will heat up immensely. The more you use it the less it should 'burn'. This product has helped me wonders with the burning feeling (sciatica). 2. Try some anti inflammatory medication and see if it helps. 3. stretch stretch stretch..this includes your back. If you have access to an inversion table I'd even try that. If it is spinal compression that is causing your pain this should ease some of your discomfort. It's amazing how problems with your back can cause problems all the way down your leg, knees etc.. 5. and most importantly get a professional to check it out like i mentioned earlier. I hope this helps. Good luck with your running. I am with you in spirit. :) I can't wait for the day you announce you have graduated.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to answer SillyLilly I was slightly worried maybe it was a shin splint but I think that would hurt when I run and thats the one time I doesnt hurt. Im definitely not diabetic but I am being treated with injections for osteoporosis (hence taking up running as I was told that weight bearing exercises may help strengthen my bones) so maybe its just my bones getting stronger!!

    Im in the UK but shall get some capsaican cream - its definitely worth a try. Whereabouts are you in Canada. I had my Canadian relations stay with me a few weeks ago - originally from the UK, then emigrated to Toronto, now living in Vancouver on Marine Drive (think thats where they are). Guess Canada is a pretty big place but you never know you could be neighbours

    Anyway tonight I shall do my 3rd 28 min run which I know I can do as I have done it before and then at the weekend I shall move onto week 9 so hopefully this time next week I shall join you as a shiney graduation badge wearer.

  • I will be waiting for you at the finish line when you get there. :) I live approximately 4hours from Toronto. I listened to so many apps for running but when I heard Laura's accent and friendly voice I knew she was the one I wanted to run with. I always wished I had a nice accent like hers :) It's funny when reading a lot of the posts on here some of the words people use I'm not familiar with but they put a smile on my face. Kinda how everyone says Canadians say 'eh' a lot.lol I guess we all have our own special way of speaking. :) Good luck on that run tonight. Let us know how it goes.

  • well done, and may be worth having gait analysis if you havent already? This sorted me out from so much pain at the beginning :)

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