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W5r3 done


Yesterday I completed my w5r3. It was great fun! I have a level route around the perimeter of a large field (public right of way) and that made it easier for me to track my progress. A few times I found myself running faster than I intended – I was determined to keep it slow to make sure I jogged for the whole 20 minutes. At the end, I felt I could have done more (so different to the first few weeks when I was desperate for Sarah to say 'slow down' at the end of each run).

I've drawn great strength from reading the posts here – picking up on the words of encouragement to others who have been at the same stage of C25K as me.

I've followed the advice here and bought a decent pair of running shoes and have binned my 15-year-old trainers and I've also bought some proper cushioned running socks and a foam roller for massage/core strengthening work on recovery days.

From about week 2 I noticed that I felt really good after each run and found myself looking forward to the next one. Week 6 run 1 tomorrow and I can't wait.

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Well done! All sounds great. Let us know how W6R1 went!

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Thank you. It was great, thanks to the shared experience of others who have posted here.

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