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A 10k 3 months after graduation?


I've just graduated, loved the programme, and am looking for a way to keep motivated and improve my running. There is a local 10k in exactly 3 months. I'm wondering if it would be sensible or foolhardy to sign up? I'm not exactly superfit or superspeedy (5k in 33 mins) and am also a couple of stone overweight. But i've seen really positive changes, mentally and physically, over the last 9 weeks and i just want that to continue. Any advice from experience would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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It is absolutely possible and will be a great target for you. If you just increase your distance and duration on just one run per week (10% per week is recommended, but do what works) and do another couple of 5k or 30mins runs, you will find that you get there surprisingly quickly. There are also 10k training plans, which you can either stick to rigidly or adapt to suit you. I have not done a 10k race, but I used the above method (admittedly exceeding 10%) to reach 10 miles (16k) in five months from starting C25k. It is a great feeling to know that you can run those longer distances and those positive changes just keep on coming.

Good luck. Keep running,keep smiling.

PortlySportlyGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for the vote of encouragement and info - and thanks for reminding me to keep smiling (I had become a tiny bit frowny and concerned - could you tell?!)

I think it's a great idea. One of the great things about the c25k programme is that it keeps you going because you have targets to aim for and a sense of achievement every time you succeed. I did a bridge to 10k programme which took 6 weeks to build up from 5k to 10k, so 3 months should be plenty of time. Some graduates find they lose a bit of motivation after a while, so having something to aim for is good.

In retrospect I'd recommend building up one run a week as mentioned above, and then do two 30 minute runs or one 30 minute and one speed podcast - all three of my runs were building up time, and running along narrow mountain lanes with lethal potholes without streetlights meant I had to be back before dark which was tricky to fit in.

You could also get used to running with others around if you could get to a parkrun or two (or more - it could be your regular 5km run).


PortlySportlyGraduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

Great to hear your experience and, yes, hadn't thought about the prospect of running with lots of other people around being rather different to my solitary runs at the mo. Thank you.


Hey, what a fantastic idea. It is 100% doable as I have recently done this. I went from 5k to 9k in one swoop but I don't recommend this approach lolll. I was a bit mad and wanted results quickly and didn't really consider the impact it had on my body. Fellow posters recommended building up and this is the best advice - use the 10% increment rule as a guidance.

I went from no running in Sept to running at least twenty 5ks to the end of 2013 so I could maintain my running. Towards mid to end of Dec I put in a kit 2/3 9-10ks. This is what worked for me and I preferred to get the mileage under my belt.

Looking back, it would have been better to gradually build up. Luckily I haven't sustained any injuries but have felt pain in my knees/legs but nothing drastic. It could also be an idea to review your diet and maybe look at strengthening those legs as you'll be on your legs more. Best wishes with your endeavours and judging by your post I have no doubt you'll succeed.

PS I was on the heavier side when I started and have gone from 95kg to 86-87kg and feel so much healthier. You may not believe this but I put in some of my best times when I was over 90kg. It's only now due to consistent running I am breaking the old records lolll.


PortlySportlyGraduate in reply to mhussain

Thanks for taking the time for this reply - all interesting stuff. Good tip about reviewing my diet, I'm finding I've made some healthy changes without really trying to but there's def scope for improvement towards becoming less Portly, more Sportly!


PortlySportly - look at you go. I have found that I'm more motivated after graduating. Good advice from above and just see how your body feels. If you start to get way too tired or start developing niggles, then keep an eye on this.

Good luck.

PortlySportlyGraduate in reply to Tinyrun

Thank you! Good to hear you're even more motivated since graduating! I'm feeling pretty encouraged by all you lovely people :)


Hi SP I can only dream about 5k in 33 min ! My PB is 35.12 Great idea to give yourself gosl and def achievable in time I felt lost without structure so have been following bupa 10k for beginners Basically 3runs a week one of which increases until 10k I didn't want to go back to walking so started at wk 3 If you can do try a parkrun now as very friendly but gives you an idea of race It let me mentally cope with people passing me without getting panicky and thinking oh no I am too slow You just do your own run and enjoy Let us know how you get on

PortlySportlyGraduate in reply to Fitfor60

Thanks - didn't know about bupa 10k prog I'll have a look at it.

Guess what - have signed up to the 10k!! There was a link to a YouTube vid from last year and, wow, it's, like, a proper EVENT with proper runners and everything!

Had to laugh, on the entry form I had to predict my race time within 5 min bands from 30 minutes upwards. I really think they must've got that wrong - right? - that's the speed of sound isn't it? Light? Something. Not me anyway! I proudly ticked the 70+ box, natch. (There were no more boxes.)

Poppy2010Graduate in reply to PortlySportly

Well done and good luck with your 10k! I went from graduation to 10k in a few months using some runs from a bridge to 10km program, I wasn't too fussed as the race I signed up for was 5miles, so just wanted to be sure I would finish (it took me 1 hr 2 minutes); I have now booked for the 6 mile Sport relief race at the end of March and a half marathon in June; I am adding 0.5km-ish distance to my long run each week, and do a 5-6km and a speed c25k+ run each week (taking part in Jantastic to keep me going; then 5x50 challenge follows straight after!) I have 2 1/2 stone still to lose (have lost 3st 9lbs so far) and hope that losing that will help me get a bit quicker and reach that 5km in 30 minutes (pb of 33mins+ at the mo!) :-)

PortlySportlyGraduate in reply to Poppy2010

Thanks! Have now managed to download the Speed podcast (the one I got from iTunes was something else...ok Laura was there but it was part of the strength and flex stuff I think) and now my headphones have totally conked it. Well ok I broke them by trying to 'mend' them. So anyway once I've got new headphones sorted I'll have a go at Speed (the podcast) once a week. Inspiring to hear of your progress, I too hope that I will get a bit quicker as I lose weight, I've lost a couple of stone but still quite portly. Good luck with your half marathon training!


Yes that would be lightening speed. Who are these people! Good luck on the run. 10k is impressive.

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