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W6r3 first time outside !


So I’ve done the c25k on the treadmill upto now and I kept thinking I wasn’t doing properly (daft I know as I’m still running on a treadmill) Well I braved it and I thought I would run round the local field and well I did it the full 25 minutes it was tough. However two individual people told me “good on you!” And keep going it’s hard work !” And I thought wow actually Getting compliments not laughed at! Well this 20st bulk of a man will be running outside from now on! Roll on wk7!

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I thought it would be so boring in a gym . Also u have to keep changing the speed on the machine.. much nicer outside!

pegasus2512Graduate in reply to Mayanow

You know it’s not that boring if you plonk yourself in front of the tv 😂. And yes I’ve been varying the speed and set it on 1 incline. Seems to be what everyone suggests on here.

Mayanow in reply to pegasus2512

My gym has no tvs. Maybe that is why it was not an option for me. I Feel like a hampster there. It's hard to keep going when u can just press a button and leave! Outside you HAVE to get back so you continue!

And it is fun noticing things outside and yes if you get cheered on, bonus!


Well done you your a inspiration 😊


Great run for you Pegasus2512, better running outside and getting compliments from passers-by, in all the 27 runs of C25K I only got two compliments from passersby cheering me on, they cheered me when I was running the two most important runs on C25K the two runs were run 3 of week 5 and run 3 of week 9.


Good for you! It does feel really weird the first time you run outside. But you have a fan club. It is a big boost when people give encouragement. Keep at it!


Well done you for braving it. I prefer outside as just step outside front door and go so no excuses. 👏🏼😊


Hi there am on week 6 too and done all on treadmill so far for two reasons a) embarrassed to go out and b) as can track pace - feel has helped as have slowed down alot over weeks to feel better.

How did you find pacing without the treadmill?

pegasus2512Graduate in reply to JJB001

Oh I felt exactly the same until I thought just go for it. The pace surprised me as I matched the treadmill !

JJB001Graduate in reply to pegasus2512

Great thanks, very good to know as that's main thing - worry might go too fast and not complete as I have been able to until now. Might try later this week or next week. best look for a route for roughly right distance!

I have done all mine on the treadmill too. Seriously contemplating starting week 7 outside now its a bit cooler.....25mins though 😱

Well done you x

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