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Week 6


Just completed week 6 and feel really happy. Can’t believe I just ran for 25 minutes without stopping. Got to say after 5 minutes I was struggling and didn’t think I would make it! This time last year my leg was in plaster and even a few months ago I could not even walk for more than a couple of miles without being in pain so this is real progress. Just need to keep it nice and steady so I don’t get injured again!! Hope everyone else is achieving their targets

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Yay, well done! And in this heat too - doubly well done!

Mine will be on Thursday. How did it compare to the W5R3 20 minuter? Did it feel miles longer?

Bet you’re the proudest thing ever!


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When i had only done 5 minutes I thought I’m going to die lol but the next thing I knew I was at the half way point so just told myself you can do the same again! It was tough in this heat though and it did feel a hell of a lot longer than w5 r3 😂😂

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Thanks for the heads-up. I go out nice and early and I think this coming week is supposed to be cooler, so hopefully I’ll be ok!

Enjoy W7 (with no more walks!) 😀


Well done you... just relax into these runs.... you are doing wonderfully!

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