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One more run now what lol


Hi guys I’m new but unfortunately I have only just joined my question is life after c25k as I’ve got quiet used to Laura now and I’m now on my last run which I’m really proud of but I feel the other apps don’t offer the same level of support. Is there an app that comes close to c25k so that I can continue my goal without using them fake sounding Americans apps or maybe something completely different thanks

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Welcome to the forum.

This guide was written to try to answer your question

Thanks most helpful some great tips

Hi Kevolar and welcome. Well done for doing this program solo! 💪🏼 It depends what your goal is next. If you join Bridge to 10K forum there is lots of good info and advice on their from graduates of C25k and admins.

If 10K is your next goal then I highly recommend Ju-Ju’s 10K plan - it’s great! But in the meantime after graduation consolidate your runs with a few weeks of 30 mins/5k. Lots and lots of lovely support and people on both forums.

Good luck with your graduation run!!😊

Thanks for the advice I’m trying to ultimately do a half marathon in the long run but 10K sounds more realistic in the short term. So how do I find ju ju 10K plan I’m intrigued thanks again 🙂

Fab! Here’s a link to it:

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