Graduated! 🎉🎉But what now?

I graduated on Monday. I am so proud of myself and my Mum and daughter. We did it together. I can't believe just how much we've achieved in such little time. It's a great programme and I've been recommending to everyone.

However although I'm over the moon to have reached the end of C25k, I'm also a little apprehensive about how to build on what we have achieved. I loved the app and the in-ear support. Are there any other apps that help you progress further? Tonight I went for a run and just added 2 mins to the 30 of graduation but had to keep looking at the time and really missed the encouraging words. I accomplished 6k but that included the warm up and down walks of 5 mins each. I would love to be able to run 10k but just not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions?


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8 Replies

  • Hi, and well done to you all! I haven't graduated yet so I am not in a good position to advise but I know that programmes exist to build on your achievement - the C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts and if building up to 10k is your thing, Bridge to 10k. There are loads of running apps to download but not sure what to recommend and so hopefully other readers can help. Sounds like for now you need something to motivate you as you consolidate. Good luck!

  • Search internet to see if there are any local running clubs or local park runs which are 5k. Apparently as I’m not anywhere near your stage yet the runners are issued with a bar code so they can track their pb (personal best) and work on improving that! Good luck and well done on graduating, I hope to be you in 5 weeks - ish x

  • Very well done:) All of you!

    The 9 weeks running you have done, have only just started building up stamina and strength and your leg muscles:)

    and over the nine weeks of the programme, you have been making steady, structured progress and that is the way to continue.

    It is a really good idea to spend some time building up the 30 minuter runs, over a couple of weeks, try different routes, and some shorter and some longer runs. Then maybe try the C25K+ podcasts.. they continue aiding the disciplines within our running... and can support the progress to speed and distance too. The podcasts are structured and do give you a very clear plan on moving forward:)

    Moving on too quickly after Graduation usually results in an even faster journey to the IC :)

    So, enjoy some runs just because you can... runs for joy, I called them..then , move forward, slow and steady as ever, always making sure you consolidate those 30 minute runs.

  • Congratulations to you all, well done on your graduation. Don't forget to requests your badge(s).

    The world is you oyster now. Running for fun and consolidation would be a good idea at the moment. Graduation is the start and your running legs/body need to get some Kms and hours in before embarking on long distances. Personally I would go back to Laura's week 9, if you can stand the music😉, for 1 run and make it your long one. You could do a c25k+ for another - there are 3 to choose from and for the other just do a shortish run. When you are comfortable start building your long run Distance by 10% of total weekly Kms. 10k programmes abound - use search in c25k at the top of the page.

    I think the c25k mantra of slowly, slowly should move to enjoy and consolidate, to keep off the ic (injury couch) by doing too much too soon.

  • Congratulations! I graduated at the end of August and am still consolidating my 30 min runs. For some structure, I did what others have suggested and have been re running the final run on C25K with Michael Johnson spurring me on. But as Old Floss has said, take time consolidating running for 30 mins and take it slow. You have made a brilliant start - this is just the beginning of your running journey. Happy running to you all! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏅👍

  • Well done to the three of you! I completed on Tuesday with my son, but you've gone one family member better! My husband has bet my daughter £10 she can't complete the programme so I have started it again with her. Hope to squeeze in at least one 30 minute run with Michael per week as well, time permitting. Progression beyond that will take a while for me - there just aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week to be on two running programmes and work and run a household!!

  • I agree with all regarding consolidating runs. However, without focus this is where many fall back onto the couch.

    Keep the regular running, but make one a park run if you can. Its free and its great fun:

    Also, why not look for some 5k runs to enter. They are quite varied. This will give you a target to aim for and your weekly runs will become training for the event:

  • Thanks everyone, really appreciate the advice. I don't want to have come this far and then stretch myself too much and give up so will take on board what you say about consolidation and slow progress. Thanks, happy running everyone.

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