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Week 2 Run 1 App trouble

Hi all you crazy runners, this is my first post and I really enjoy reading everyone's experiences and find them all inspiring me to keep up with the program so thanks to you all. I went to turn on my app for this week but it had updated itself and deleted my week 1 runs so not a good start, I've been using One You BBC C25K app with Jo Whiley inspiring me on and really like being able to listen to music from ITunes in between which is now easier with the updated version. Some of you mention Laura giving you breathing tips in your apps and I just wondered what apps you might be using and what you find works for you, music or motivational voice?

Thanks and keep going : )

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Most will be using this NHS one nhs.uk/LiveWell/c25k/Pages/... (see the plan nera the top of the page?)

it has 'laura' telling you when to walk, when to run etc, and has music in between.

I downloaded each week-by-week podcast individually (click int the individual week's box).


Yep - I used Laura as well. She was lovely and motivational. Her music choices are questionable, but you grow fond of them as time passes.

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Totally agree :) But then, my music choices are fairly questionable anyway...:) I hope you are doing okay x


Sadly, still benched OF. Been volunteering weekly at my Parkrun though, it's the highlight of each week.

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Oh dear.... ( Gentle hug)x


C25K programme.. link


...gives you all the tips you need :)

Breathing ? Well...loads of posts on this subject.. at this stage. just breathe in whatever way is best for you... take you runs steady and slow and don't push too hard...and just make sure you keep on breathing :)


Thanks for the feedback and encouragement, I will try the other apps suggested and look forward to W2 R3 tomorrow x


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