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Report from the IC


Apologies. I didn't intend to go AWOL for so long. I wish I could say I'd been trapped on the couch by my delightful pussycat (though she has tried), but it was more to do with a very chaotic couple of weeks at work. Lots of travelling, and evening work events that meant I got back late. Also lots of sitting - in cars and on trains, and in uncomfortable chairs - which wasn't helping with the sciatica treatment, compounded by the fact that my physiotherapist was away last week. I was beginning to feel like things would never improve and I'd be stuck with this stupid leg pain forever.

Anyway, I had another physio appointment yesterday, and some different poking and prodding, and now my right hip no longer goes 'clunk' when I rotate it (or at least it makes a more subdued 'clunk'), which has to be a good thing. Also, I might be imagining it, and I'm almost scared to write it in case it's not true, but I think the pain I was getting when going upstairs is lessening. He said to give it a couple of days for everything to settle down, and then if I feel ok I have permission to try a 10-15 minute gentle walk-run to see how that goes. I'm ridiculously excited about that. Fingers crossed...

I need to catch up on what you have all been doing - I have missed so much in the last couple of weeks, and missed you all so much. I bet everyone has either graduated, or is zooming off on a 10k run ;-) xxx

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..or like you..still on the IC.:)

Welcome back and glad that you are feeling more hopeful:)

Follow the advice from those who know...e.g. your Physio.. :) and head out for that gentle stroll... I am sure it is all going to be fine for you!

Fingers crossed...:)

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Thank you Oldfloss! I wish you weren't here with me though...


Take care. I’m like you. Been too busy to post or run. Hope to run tonight!

Glad your treatment going well. Sounds really hopeful!

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Thanks! Urgh... Tell me about it. Ended up working till gone midnight on Thursday, then not back from work till 9 on Friday - so hopes of fitting my run-walk in went out the window, as did my intentions of catching up with posts on here. At least I have a week off now, so hoping to do better!

Welcome back - we’re all waiting for you!

Hope you get better soon ❤️

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Thank you LL! I hope you have a good book to read while you're waiting.... ;-)


Great news - gorgeous kitty 😻

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Cheers! She is, and so friendly. I couldn't bear to move even though I wasn't that comfy - that's cats for you!


Great to get an update. Hope run/walk session goes well and you're back on track 👍

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Cheers Dee! Getting there, I hope...


Hope all goes well with your walk/gentle run. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Thank you Kamia :-)

Still here, snailing along... glad the clunking is more subdued

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Snailing is the way to go :-)


I seemed to have missed this one too Eiralas! Glad to hear you’re able to do a bit more now. It’s in your blood, you’ll be back on form and continuing your journey! Great news Beautiful kitty! Big hug! ❤️

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Thanks Fabulous! I hope so, and yes she's a very cuddly cat :-)

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