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Its been a long journey. My feet, knees and calves still ache from W9R1. Nine weeks ago I struggled to run for 90 seconds and would have laughed all the way to my favourite restaurant had someone suggested I could run 30 minutes without stopping. But I have.

I was 20 years without exercise. Obese. Stressed. I am none of those things now. I'm different. I have seen the weight slowly reduce and while I may still be overweight I know I can reach my target.

Keep going, you can do it.

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Congratulations!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ…Thank you for sharing this, really inspired to keep going.

Im still in week one, future runs are still sounding a little scary but i love reading stories like yours and finding it so encouraging. Thank you!

Thanks. You can do it. It is daunting early on...but take each week as it comes and go at your pace. You will get there and the satisfaction of finishing each week is incredible. Good luck!

Amazing well done one more to go!


Well done a great achievement. See you on the podium soon!


Very well done..make sure you are upping your rest day exercise and getting in plenty of stretching too!

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