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Extended week 1 - and a terrible running partner


So I have done week one within 10 days. And even though I am enjoying it I am struggling with motivation and it takes a few days to get rid of the aches and pains.

Today I had to swap Ivy for Hettie. Hettie is a basset hound and not built for running. At all. (See pictures for post run Hettie)

Any tips to keep the motivation to go for the run? I enjoy it when I am out but the heat means I go late in the day (early morning is not an option) and I’m perfecting my stretch routine and at the moment struggling with my heel being quite tight afterwards/towards the end?

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What made you start? The motivation might be there.

But motivation can be hard to find and evaporates quickly if you leave the lid off so try another approach.

Get your kit ready and at a time you have set go and put it on and walk out the door. You might not run but you are more likely to than being sat in your regular clothes on the couch.

Hope it works.

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Thank you! The motivation is to lose weight (or not be as wobbly) and I ‘carry’ that motivation with me. Will definitely try and keep to a timetable.

I don't even have motivation some days, but ive almost made it into a job, and I feel bad if I miss "work." I normally use walking the dog as a warm-up, then after get into my gym gear and by then it's late enough in the evening that I want to be out in the cooler air after a hot day. Also sometimes I use that feeling of accomplishment after finishing a run to motivate me for the next one. Good luck and keep going :)

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I like the idea of walking the dog and then going for a run! Especially if it is Hettie. Will do that 😁


Every 30 minute run that you make will add 2 days to your life expectency.

Is that sufficient motivation for you???


Poor Hettie she looks worn out!

I, like KMFMF, find that I'm most motivated for the next run at the end or just after the latest one. Maybe it's the endorphins. So I'd use this feeling to maximum effect by planning my next route or working out when my next run was going to be. Then keeping that in my head as the plan meant that there was no question I wouldn't do it. Maybe pick a moment when you do feel particularly motivated and write down or record yourself a little pep talk. Sounds cheesy but experiment, it's all about finding what works for you.

Oh and don't worry about having to give yourself an extra rest day or 2, your body does need to recover if it's not used to running, it's sign that your body is transforming :-)

You might be surprised to find you have motivation in bundles but with this heat it goes into hiding. Trust me a lot of us are struggling to find the motivation to go out in this heat at the moment. You are doing the perfect thing by listening to what is right for you and having the extra rest days if you need it. All the things you are doing to look after yourself take thought and that means your motivated even if you don’t feel like it. Hettie looks adorable. 😀.


Hi Rosi! We’ve all have those days that are harder to get out there. But it’s so amazing when you do. Hettie looks like she’s had a good workout! Lol She is adorable by the way. Would it be possible to go out without a running partner? It’s honestly just as enjoyable!

As for motivation, you’ve already started doing something that the majority of people just dream of. I was a dreamer too, but now I’m absolutely loving running. I had my motivation to do this as being thankful that I’m getting to a ripe old age and wanting to keep as much vibrancy for life as my body would allow and doing something outrageously adventurous. This has certainly been an adventure. I hope it will be brilliant for you too! ❤️

I’ve always though I needed a running partner as an excuse to be out? Self confidence maybe? But yes I think I am going to walk the girls as my warm up and then run 😁

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Oh how I wish I had a Hettie when I started! I can totally understand that. 😁 You just do what makes you comfortable Rosi! Well done. Keep going! ❤️


I run with a Basset hound! He was the reason I started to get fit. I couldn’t keep up with him

I can now 😃👍🐕

Obviously not in this current heatwave 🙂

Oh my goodness!! Hettie doesn’t know speed if it was to hit her in the face 😂 I love the energetic bassets though what’s your baby like?


He’s 8 now and a bit too tubby but he can move very fast He pulls like a train so I have to go with him or get dragged

He’s a French Basset. He’s not mine though, just my fitness pal I say “just”. I absolutely worship the ground he walks on 😁. He helps me to recce new runs. To go boldly. Or boldly to go 💪👍😃. We have some fun 😁

Part of my motivation when I started was my dog - she absolutely loved it and was right by me when the running lead came out and trainers were donned! She used to completely out-pace me and had more energy but slowly I've caught up and we have some great runs. However, it's way too hot to take her at the moment. I was out at 4am (!) yesterday and thought she could come but even then it was about 16 degrees and she struggled so I think she's going to have to stay back a little longer. 🏃‍♀️🐕


Oh bless her! She looks worn out. My motivation packed it’s bags & went on holiday - it hasn’t come back yet so I fully sympathise & I love running usually so you are not alone. I think it might be the heat - we’re just not used to it in the UK. Well done for getting out there anyway. Keep on keeping on.

I know mornings are not an option but maybe set an alarm on your phone? Mine goes off at 4.50am Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (yuk!). To start with it was hard but now it's a little routine and I've started to look forward to it.

Also have a running playlist on my phone and try to listen to that as I get ready.

I would if I could but I have young children and my husband work hours just don’t allow me to😔

Oh 😐. I just try to think that anything is better than nothing. You're still lapping everyone on the couch! Keep going, we're all in it together!!

Also I have a very lazy Staffie who would never even be able to attempt a run so well done Hettie too!


I'm not a dog person but it looks like Hettie could do with the run herself! :D Keep posting on here and I bet you'll find more motivation - sometimes while I'm running I can't wait to get back and write my little update!!

Aww keep trying to take her, you may need to work it into her training to get her to keep running beside you but I bet it will be really good for her :) Though obs as people have pointed out not on hot days.. I was considering jumping into a stream with mine the other day it was so hot!!!

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