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W3R1.... almost got despondent, until I did some maths! 😂


Ok, so just couldn’t work out why after this run, I’d only travelled about 1.7km instead of the 2.1km that I’d been doing in W2.

Turns out doing maths immediately after a run is stupid...! Leaving it for 20 minutes then doing the maths again makes it all become clear.... less actual exercise time/distance, more intensity! D’oh!

So I was a bit dubious about running for 3 minutes solid.... don’t think I’ve done that in nearly 12 years since leaving the RAF! But, through gritted teeth... each 3 minute run came and went without incident.

The thing I thought was shin splints doesn’t appear to be... each new run seems to feel a bit easier on the shins.

Just that horrible “calves feeling like lead weights” hurdle to keep getting through.... does this stop after a certain amount of time running or is it something that you always just have to grit your teeth through???

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Hi Dave, congratulations on getting this far. 😊

Just take it all slow and steady as you go through the programme and you’ll be fine. 👍

Don’t worry at all about your pace, the trick of this is to run for the time you’re given. The rest of it might come at a later date, or it might not. Either way you’re improving your fitness with every run. 🙂

Stick with it, we’re all behind you and cheering you on. 👏👏


Well done! It’s a magical programme, somehow it just works and all comes together to get you to that final 30 run. Take it nice and slow and you’ll get there. Heavy legs/calves could be down to dehydration. Are you sure your drinking enough? Especially the day before a run?

As above. Don't worry about the distance. The programme is about getting you running for 30 minutes. Shins and calfs ache because you haven't been using them so intensely for years. Takes a while for them to adapt.

I agree about the hydration. Make sure you have a beer.

Cheers guys. It could well be down to a combination of lack of use for a few years, as well as hydration.... I’ll address the latter tomorrow on the “off” day. Currently on holiday in Ibiza so having to stay hydrated anyway as it’s so hot; but still don’t think I ever drink enough water anyway and have to make a conscious effort to do so and track the amount I actually get down me!!

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