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I failed - but did make some progress


Not sure how to feel this morning.

It was W4R1 - the one that goes up to 5 minutes x2, plus 3 mins x2.

I couldn't do the 5 minutes - so did 3 minutes x 4. This is progress from W3, but I'm upset I couldn't do the 5 minutes.

I run with somebody else - but the next 2 weeks I'm working in Finland and Sweden - so I'm on my own :(

I need some motivation guys!

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If you made progress, you didn't fail.

One step at a time, one rep, at a time.


You did great!

Your motivation is proving to yourself that you CAN do this. Perhaps running alone might be better for you, only yourself to impress! I prefered to do my runs alone mainly, except for my very very trusted son who understands pace, and kept to mine!

Go get that wk 4😀💪🏻

NetShee in reply to Millsie-J

I've put the app on my phone - so might try that next week


I just repeat a run when I find it difficult. Good luck!


No fail on here! You're doing it! Just keep doing it and trying, slow & steady!😊


Oopss.. forget the 'f' word.. a blip that is all :) Just keep on and you will get there.. solos running works for me :)

NetShee in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you x


Definatly not a fail , you succeeded to run , well done and keep going


Running by yourself will enable you to run at your own pace......no compromise.

The plan is designed to allow you to repeat any run that you do not complete, with no mention of "f***"!!

Sorry for the censorship......we just don't use that word in this place.

Carry on, you are doing great.

Listen to everyone ... you did not f**l (we do not use the f word). Every time you run you are moving on, some days are better than others for no rhythm or reason.

Keep it slow, slow, slow and trust in the program. You will do it.

Happy Running!

Firstly, you didn't fail. You only fail when you stop trying and that goes for everything in life. Back yourself a little more and you might be surprised what you can do.


Week 4 is quite an increase in time, it is hard.

My head said 'only 5 minutes', my body just said 'no'- for all 3 attempts of the week :( - but thankfully I found this forum and was saved ;)

Take your speed down a notch- even if you feel it is like comedic shuffling that you end up doing- and try again. When you are nearing 3 minutes next time take some deeper breaths and get yourself psyched. Get the inner dialogue of 'slow and steady' going and plod out the mantra- hopefully the distraction will put you off for a minute or so and then sheer determination will ensure that you keep going for the final seconds!

Good luck 🏃🏃🏃

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