I got myself some bling

I got myself some bling

Hey all

I am delighted to report that I competed in my first 'official' race today, the London Summer 10k at Regents Park.

I had been looking forward to this for quite a while but I didn't have any real ambition to go out and run flat out, just really looking to enjoy the experience.

That changed from the first time I glanced at my Garmin (after 400m or so) and it showed I was lolloping along at a very sprightly (for me) 5:24/km pace despite not really feeling that I was going fast. Things continued that way until about the 6K mark, I felt like I was running at a pretty manageable pace but the clock said I was going faster than the pace of my 5K PB. At that point, I was conscious of the Sun having popped out from behind the earlier clouds and the last 4K were much harder going physically. I didn't slow down though and finished in a time (chip time) of 54:23 which is just about two minutes faster than my previous PB

To say that I am chuffed is an understatement.

You might recall that I was allocated the number 118 and I did duly purchase and start the race with my mock wig and tash. I found it ridiculously uncomfortable though and felt the need to remove them very early on before flinging them in the general direction of Mrs. Dunder at the end of my first (of three) lap of the park. That was a pity but I really felt like I was in a sauna with the wig.

Mrs. D deleted our pictures by mistake so I will update (or post separately) the pics from the organisers when they are available.

I am now just 7 weeks from my Half Marathon, the training continues to progress quite well and after today, not falling prey to over-confidence might be my biggest challenge.

Linkie to Garmin Connect.


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  • Brilliant stuff Mr D ! 54 minutes is flippin' awesome ! You should be sooooo proud of yourself tonight !

    Fab report, lovely Bling .All that training certainly paid off for you

    A Massive Congratulations to you !!! :-)

    Im looking forward to seeing the photos :-) xxx

  • Aww thanks Pops.

    I really didn't expect that sort of time. The training over the next 4-5 weeks just get tougher though :/

  • Wow well done Dunder. Fab time mate.

    Looking forward to thd required bling pics. โ˜บ

  • Thanks Noaky.

    I did upload the bling pic but it disappeared. Have had another go.

    Will post the race pics as soon as I can.

  • Well done dunder ๐Ÿ˜ƒ great time too whoop whoop

  • Thanks Dawn.

  • Wow Dunder thats an amazing time! go you! can't blame you for disposing of the wig but good on you for having it on for that first section! hope you are having a well deserved rest :)

  • Thank you Ali.

    Certainly have my feet up tonight and next run is not until a "comfortable" 16k on Wednesday.

  • Well done, great time and even better when you're nit expecting it.


  • Thanks and you are right about that.

  • Yay! Fantastically time and bling Dunder! So glad it went well for you - you must be feeling rightly very proud at the moment. Hope your training and prep for the half marathon continues to go well and look forward to the pics (pity about the wig and 'tash pictures!).

    Rest up well!

    I continue to progress slowly. Had been managing to run for 10-15 mins at a time with the old calf (!). However it protested a bit this morning and I had to stop. Never mind - I will get back, in the fullness of time (whatever that means!) and love reading the posts on here to encourage and inspire me!

  • Thanks Sandra.

    Sorry that your recovery is still two steps forward, one step back. Great attitude though and you certainly deserve to be getting back to full fitness soon. xxx

  • That's fantastic ! You are definitely fully recovered and well on the way to that HM.

  • Thanks Henpen. I felt great before the race today with my hip, knees and Achilles all feeling that 100%. Just hope it stays that way.

  • Thats fantastic, well done and what an incredible time! Very jealous, no inspired!!!! Good luck with the rest of your training.

  • Thanks CC.

    Hope you are over the week 6 blues. That was easily the toughest week of the C25K program for me.

  • well done - nice bit of bling!

  • Thanks AR. I quite like it too.

  • That's a lovely medal, and the time is nothing short of flipping' marvelous! A heart sleep on the back Dunder - that is one big achievement.

  • uh. slap. not sleep. Sleep is what I'm going to do now.

  • Thanks mfam. Still dead chuffed. ๐Ÿฐ

  • That's brilliant!! What a great time. Well done. It's amaing how running with others and with a crowd cheering you on makes you go super speedy isn't it!!! Look forward to seeing the other photos! That must have looked hilarious!!! Lovely bling too. Well done again!!! Xx

  • Thanks Toonie.

    You are right about the pacing thing. It really didn't feel that fast but I am sure it would have been very different if I was on my own.

  • That's some time you did there Dundee- very impressive.

  • Thanks Sparky.

  • Well done on the PB - two minutes is a great achievement.

  • Nice bling, great time MrD! I'm looking forward to seeing those pics!

  • Wow! Well done you Dunder and what an amazing time. Keep it up :-) x

  • Thanks Sazzle, thought you would be pleased to know I had some homemade cake last night.

  • Well done! What an amazing time too!!!!! Great bling. What's not to love. It bodes well for the up-coming half marathon

    Take care x

  • Thanks missw, hope you are still off the IC.

  • Super time, even more so for running the first lap in a 118-man wig! Not surprised you went sub-55 though (am starting to sound like a broken record).

    Good luck for the 16k. If you are still feeling tired, consider swapping runs around and doing it later in the week, with a shorter run on Weds, if it doesn't mess up your plan too much. I always find I need a couple of extra 'easy' days to recover after a big race.

  • Thanks TT.

    I will be fine for Wednesday, I did consider a 5k Jog tomorrow and then the 16k on Thursday but opted to stay with plan A.

    As an aside the Runner's World Race Time Predictor (http://www.runnersworld.com/tools/race-times-predictor) now gives me a projected HM time of 1:59:59 - talk about a carrot on a stick!

    Rest up xx.

  • Great achievement, Dunder, well done.

  • Thanks Coddfish and well done on your own Parkrun milestone.

  • Nah still on the injury couch! Hospital next week though.

    I did some walking in the sea last week which is supposed to be very good therapy for shin splints. I got in as deep as I could but still walk. You can feel the drag on your legs but I didn't feel any pain at all while I was doing it.

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