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Struggles in the heat!


Hey all, tonight was meant to see the end of week 7 for me but in this heat I had to stop after 7 mins! I could go on the ‘dread mill’ but the gym doesn’t have air con. I think late evening is going to be best but I am hungry when I get back from work & usually have a run right away followed by my evening meal. How are others dealing with the heat? And tips? Thanks

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Only by running really really early - 6 something for me.

Don’t worry about the practice run. Have a clear rest day and have another go.


Difficult one. Running with a full stomach is a no no, yet the heat is too much. What to do? Early morning any good? It's really pleasant about 5.30-6.00, perhaps doesn't fit your work schedule.

How about a light snack as you leave work to stave off the hunger pangs plus some water. Then go out for a run when the temperature is cooler, then eat after. Might work 🤔


I'm coping by running in the morning when I can. When I can't because I'm running with others its usually around 6pm I wouldn't run earlier!

I alsowear as little as is decent! I go slow and carry water to sip when my mouth gets dry.

I'll only drink less about 1/4 of the bottle on the run as I feel ill if I drink too much while working out but I'll finish the bottle during the cool down.

I would love to run early on but I leave for work quite early so evening is best. Good idea on the light snack, I’ll give that a go tomorrow then try at about 8pm...

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