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W4 R1 done!

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I have stopped ‘looking ahead’ to see how long the run times are in future weeks, as I found it gave me a feeling of dread, even though when I actually did the run times I found them easier than I expected.

Today I opened W4R1, saw two 5 minute runs and thought OMG I can’t do that!!!

But I did it! I won’t say it was easy - the second one I was counting down the last 30 seconds - but I did it. It was a real boost to find that I ran more than I walked in that session.

4 weeks ago I couldn’t run more than a minute without getting out of breath, and now I can run for 5 minutes straight - the plan definitely works! My legs are slimming down and looking more toned, my skin is clearer (due to all the sweating!) and I feel ‘lighter’ - I haven’t lost any weight but I feel lighter on my feet.

So if you’re on Weeks 1-3, keep going - you are getting stronger with each run!

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I never looked ahead. One run at a time, as it comes 😃👍🏃‍♀️

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Yes just take each run as it comes and trust the programme . You are doing brilliantly. 🏃‍♀️👏

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I made the mistake of looking ahead and there were some runs that really scared me. Yet once I got to them I found them to be actually not too bad at all. The programme works! After week two I’ve always found the workouts to be just challenging enough to push me but not enough to put me off!

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KayBee1000Graduate in reply to Warb81

that's so true - I always feel like 'i can't do that!' and surprise myself by being able to do it. I'm enjoying seeing tangible progress each week.

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