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Anyone been to see a Sports podiatrist?


I’ve finally caved and booked an appointment for a week on Saturday. I’ve been having a terrible time with my feet the only way I can run or walk long distance without pain is to strap my feet up. I went for a walk with MrRfc yesterday and came back In agony. So I have a biomechanical gait analysis booked with a sports podiatrist. It is an hours appointment. I wondered if anyone has seen one before and could tell me the sort of thing to expect.

I have a feeling he will probably tell me I should of gone to see him sooner but really hope he doesn’t stop me running for a bit.

Have a great running week and look after yourselves in this heat.

Rfc x.

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No. Thankfully. But no-one responded to your post and I felt sad for you. So have a little hug anyway... xxx

Hello, I haven't been for one but last time I got new shoes somebody was having what seemed to be a really in depth gait analysis and I thought they must be trying to deal with a specific problem. They were well into it when I went in and still going strong when I left. At one point the girl was running on a treadmill. So I don't really know but imagine it is something like that or some kind of scanning. Hope they can sort something out for you.

RealfoodieclubGraduate in reply to ancientrunner

I’m hoping so, I guess they can tell a lot about your feet in an hour. Fingers crossed they can sort me out.


I went to a podiatrist, although not advertised as a sports podiatrist he does work with the local football team.

Anyway he asked loads of questions, watched how I walked and ran. Diagnosed plantar fascitis. I then got acupuncture, my feet strapped in kt tape, some insoles and exercises to do. My feet began to feel much better within a few days. I had a few follow up appointments.

Hope this helps. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

RealfoodieclubGraduate in reply to wallruns

That’s sounds positive, I mean about the feeling better rather than the plantar fasciitis. Thank you, hopefully they can sort me out.


Something similar and not because of your exact symptoms but l had issues with my feet because of which (I’m convinced) l had two bad injuries when I took up running. They analysed my gait, my feet and movement, custom cut my insoles and picked my running and walking sport shoes and that transformed my movements.

I genuinely wish you have the same experience!

All the best!

RealfoodieclubGraduate in reply to mrrun

Thank you that sounds great and possibly given our locations I might be seeing the same person so that would be amazing if I get a similar result. I guess regardless of the cause we all want the same outcome.

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