Physio had told me to give up running (got 2nd opinion from Podiatrist who said the same :(

Hi, I started the c25k last October had a few ups and down along the way, had been getting on great when in April once I had completed a 5k race I took a terrible pain in the arch of my foot. To cut a long story short I had to get a CT scan which showed I had a fractured bone which had healed ok, and a few issues with ligament and inflammation. I had a few sessions wth a physio who did a great job on my foot - but she dealt me a terrible blow when she said I have poor biomechanics in my feet and should give it up! During my few months running I absolutely loved it and loved all the benefits it gave me mentally and physically.... Has anyone else experienced/told this? I don't know whether to get a second opinion....

Any replies gratefully received! (an earlier post from a month ago)


I saw a podiatrist today and he looked at my CT scan said I had a lot of issues with my foot and should do a non-impact exercise i.e. swimming he said some people are just not built to run! He said when he is driving along he sees people who glide along and others who should simply not run! He made me an insole and sent me on my way :(

I have an appointment with my GP in a few weeks who incidently walks with a limp due to a car accident.. but he runs, so im hoping I can get some positive news from someone who understands the need to want to run!


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  • Not good news at all! Doesn't sound good but hopefully the GP may give you done hope. Good luck.

  • I feel your frustration. Swimming has always been my go-to for exercise, stress relief and fun. But I've been suffering with shoulder issues for years. I was told by a physio to stop swimming. I gave this up for years, but eventually went back to it because I missed it so much. And now I do swim, but i pay very close attention to how I'm feeling every lap. And I cut sessions off short, even if I'm feeling awesome and want to continue. I know about 20 laps is my max before my shoulders protest. I also know not to go to frequently - running is a great compliment since I can avoid the problem joint.

    Long story short, maybe you can come up with a compromise with your physio. A certain frequency, distance, running surface, supporting exercises, where you still feel comfortable. It's really hard to give up what you love, particularly when you know it's doing wonders for your fitness and state of mind.

  • Hi Kaza that's such bad news. I remember your original post and felt sure you would get more positive news from the podiatrist. Hope your GP is more sympathetic, being a runner himself. My physio said I have bad biomechanics too, as my left knee ( the one that causes me all the problems) rolls inwards. But rather than saying don't run, he said do lots of strengthening exercises to try deal with the problem. Hopefully your GP will refer you to someone who can give you more positive advice. Fingers crossed x

  • Aww, that must really suck. I'm so very sorry to hear that. And while I hope that your GP will be able to help you, I hope you will continue to be careful - the last thing you want to do is to cause yourself even more injury (yeah, I know I sound like a nagging nanny, sorry about that). Let us know how it goes at the GP.

    Swimming is not bad, and if you miss the great outdoors, how about cycling? That will still get your around and get some fresh air in your face.

  • Sorry to hear that... you do need to listen to their advice though I suspect... As Tomas says, what about cycling? Lots of trails and paths about in most places and that'd keep you fit and it's nowhere near as high impact...?

    And - nothing wrong with a good ol' brisk walk ...

    Having said all that, I would be really upset if I was told I couldn't run so I really, really hope your GP can provide some advice on how you keep doing what you love... you have the right attitude and determination so I have fingers crossed!

  • That sounds so disappointing for you. I really hope your GP can help somehow, and that if that is the case that you can find something just as captivating to replace it.

    Fingers crossed with your GP :-)

  • Oh no! What a blow :-( maybe cycling or using the cross trainer would fill the gap a bit? Fingers crossed that the GP can help.

  • Oh how disappointing for you, still all hope is not lost, I really hope your GP can offer some constructive advice and good news . Good Luck and I hope you have a positive outcome :-) xxx

  • Your GP might give you the all clear to run. I certainly hope so. Fingers crossed for you.

    Let us know how it goes. We'll all be sending you positive vibes!

  • Oh kaza you poor thing, you've had a hard time of it it must be so frustrating for you. I hope your doc brings you good news. Like kittykat says you have two options 1 you prove them all wrong, do your research really learn everything you can about your problems with your foot, find out the risks, find a specialist sports physio, really find out if there is any possibility at all and fight for what you want. Or the other option, look at it as one door closes, another opens, you've proved your grit and determination by graduating, you can do anything you put your mind to. walking, cycling, swimming, horse riding, kayaking diving, there's a huge world out there, it must be awful to feel like they are kicking you when you are down, but don't let them life is pretty cool and full of brilliant stuff. Good luck with your gp, chin up :-) x

  • I'm very sorry to hear this Kaza and what I'm about to add is not going to help either. The two professionals you have got opinions from are specialists I their field. Your doctor is not, he is a general practitioner! I don't think I need to say any more. I'm very sorry but I think its time you looked forward and find a replacement form of exercise such as swimming, cycling, walking after all you won't want to walk with permanent pain and a limp which will only get worse. I wish you well in whatever you chose to do though. xx

  • Hi all, thanks so much for all your replies.

    Update: after taking a break for 8 months I joined another c25k and am now on week 8... So far no pain or issues. Very happy that I've been able to return to running relatively pain free. The buzz it gives me is great! πŸ˜„

  • Fantastic news. I have iffy feet and knees, but proper insoles and good running shoes have kept me at it. I "double-up" the insoles - ie I add the podiatrist ones to the ones provided with the shoes. Maybe just take it gently as far as increasing distance and frequency is concerned (I still don't run 2 days in row)

  • Thanks ajwyld for your reply.... I also double up, I use custom made orthodics and shock absorbers, so far I've had no pain! Yes I plan to take it very easy this time round πŸƒπŸ‘

  • That's great news, I'm very happy for you x

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