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W7R2 Tough


R2 is the third time I have done the 25mins. I don't know what it is but I do not seem to have much oomph at the moment. I struggled with my normal circuit at the gym and when it came to the run I think I had failed before starting. Was a bit put off or shall we say it did not improve my negativity that the coach message is identical to R, you really would think that by this time we would get a bit more "support". I think the app is good and the programme great but half the battle is the encouragement and it feels like they have gone through the motions. Anyway started warm up walk, 1.5% incline and 6.3kph already did not feel great, 5 mins up and on the 8.3kph and the run. I am not a natural runner and getting a rhythm going is a bit hit and miss, well today did not get there and I did not even get to 5mins.

Went and sat in changing rooms and thought about what to do. Only option was to return and do the run tomorrow but that would not really be indicative as the run is the last part of my regime. So after giving myself a bit of a talking to I went back out, put on a bit of music with attitude and got stuck in. Finished, not easy but did the last minute on 10kph. It took grit and determination and reminded me that training on my own is harder. Gym closed Sunday so R3 on Monday.

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It’s amazing what our minds are capable of - one minute it’s impossible to complete a task then next it’s job done - I think it proves that we are not going to fail this program - had exactly what you went through yesterday

Jonno34Graduate in reply to Ray1972

I was aware and actually you going £$%& it and going back was probably what made me go back. Gym closed Sunday so I have 2 recovery days and 2 days to get psyched and in the zone. This program will not beat me!

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