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Is the common cold bug getting stronger or am I getting weaker?


Hi all, after run 1 of week 9 I was grounded by this cold bug, it attacked my muscles, and lungs, when younger I could work through colds, now its out of the question, are they more powerful or have I less resistance? Will resume when I'm up to it again, still unfit after 10 days. Felt it coming on as the last 3 runs were slower and slower.

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I’ve been knocked out by a few illnesses this year: they’ve been so bad I’ve had blood tests to check for underactive thyroid, diabetes and all sorts of other scary reasons why I might keep getting colds that always turn into sinusitis or strep throat or something else equally unpleasant- blood tests came back with totally normal counts.

I work with children, and they are known for their unhygienic manner, but I have done for the last 13 years- I have no idea why this year I’m so weak and can’t fight off the germs!!

So sorry to hear that you are not so well. And when you were so near to graduating. The runs will still be waiting for you when you are well, which I do hope is very soon.

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