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Week 7 Run 1 Committed


So I’m now on a weeks holiday in Cyprus and I said to the better half - please pack my running shoes and shirt/shorts etc

1st day on holiday coincides with Run 1 of week 7 so I muster myself down to the hotel gym which is hotter than Satan’s backside as it’s 10 am (enough time has passed since the obligatory big all inclusive breakfast).

So I boot up Sarah M who says it’s time to run for 25 minutes - every fibre in my body is telling my brain that I’m on holiday and “you don’t need to be doing it this week” but I must .

The Toxic 10 doesn’t seem to arrive and the run is relatively easy with no major concerns.

I did it - I’ve actually pulled my carcass of from the sunbed and actually done some exercise on holiday ! I’ve got this - week 7 will be done on holiday - proper proud now!

Anyway - must go - there is a cocktail with my name on down by the pool.

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Well done 👍

It’s a brill feeling I did week 6 on holiday first run in the evening not so good 27 degrees last two 7.30 in the morning knowing I d done it and could spend the day on the sunbed ahhh bliss 😊

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