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The snail's back on the trail with The Galway Farmer๐ŸŽ

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After calamitous second wk8 run on Wednesday managed to do the whole 28 minutes run tonight...found it extremely challenging but did it...went back to my old routine of breaking the run into five minute sections..which seems to help me in two ways..I can count down in my head each section which seems more achievable and having to concentrate on keeping track of how many segments have been completed distracts me..I'm on a treadmill so I reset time to zero each five minutes. This may not work for everyone. If you like to see the time building up to the end point it won't motivate you.

Can't express how pleased with myself I am because I was so disappointed with myself on Wednesday.. Tonight's this may be a bit niche...The Galway Farmer by Show of Hands....๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ‘Œfantastic..

6 Replies
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Well done!

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Well done! You did it! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I felt exactly the same Wk 8 run 2,I wonder how common it is? Thanks for sharing your run 3. What sort of speed do you do? I think Iโ€™m about 4mph, is that really slow? Signed up for a 5k next week with 10k runners on the same route, hoping if Iโ€™m too slow people will just assume Iโ€™m doing the 10k!

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I'd be over the moon to be moving at 4 miles an hour..I'm slower than that..I can get a bit faster for short blasts but most of the time I'm at a jogging speed which is barely more than a walking pace..but I have just managed 28mins running this evening..

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Carrasmum in reply to Sofabunny

Youโ€™re probably going faster than you realise, but whatever speed we are all doing, weโ€™re still getting out and doing it.

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well done! I tried to calculate my speed after my last run and wish I hadn't... it all counts though.

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