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W5R1...legs like lead!... thats normal?...yeah??

well thats it done - week five run one - now that its finished and i'm sitting down i can think ..'yeah..that wasn't too bad?'....but my god did i feel it - during each of the five minute runs!! - mind you i WAS ready for finishing - don't think i could've even attempted a fourth run! .. and the warm down walk was a welcome relief!

so - lets see what wednesday has in store for me - bring it on!!........


ps - how did everyone else on W5R1 get on??

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Yep. Totally normal! 😉 and really well done!

You can do this. If you've done the first run, you can do the second.😊😊

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Well done! Keep going - you are just about half way through the program. Spare yourself a moment or two to look back and see how far you have come.

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Well done, yes I felt like that last week when completing R1. Enjoy your rest day and good luck for R2. You can do it x

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Just managed W5R2 today .. my second attempt, practised it the first time, but frankly that was because I wimped out! Pretty damned pleased with myself and to be honest with myself it's no harder than W5R1, so what was all that fuss about. Go for it, if you've done W5R1,

as you have, it's just fine. See you at W5R3 because I'm on a diversion via a Park Run that I'm being bullied into, so that will slow me down a bit.


thanks - I had a wee sneaky listen in to the podcast - 2 x 8mins!.....eeeeeekkk!

haha - good luck to us both - enjoy your park run!!


Kaz x

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Ha, its only two runs though kazdoc...😊 you were doing eight runs when you started wk1.

Good luck..nice and slow to start 😊xx


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