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Week 8 Run 1 completed...


Hi everyone,

Newbie here, only because I didnt find about this community earlier, so yep here I am late in the day.

Seem to be enjoying this running malarkey but can not kick this problem I have with getting numbness in my feet. I have read loads of stuff about it and just cant seem to make it any better, sometimes it is unbearable.

Have done all my training so far on a treadmill but hoping to venture out sometime, not sure though until ive cracked the numbing.

Anyway, hi x

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Can’t help with the numb! But great you are here and carrying on!

Thank you x


Are your socks or laces too tight??

Sutsha in reply to Jay66UK

What Jay said 🙄, but also they say size up for running shoes. I'm usually a size 6, but my running trainers are a 7 and I'm careful with the laces as it's easy to have them too tight and can cause all sorts of problems. My old trainers, which were the wrong size (6), caused plantar fasciitis. New trainers, some regular exercise and it just went. Gone. Worth a trip to the sports store, get some advice. It'll pay dividends.

Good luck with your training. 🏃‍♀️💨

Thank you x

I dont think so, ive got trainers a size bigger and loose socks, laces really loose :( I have been given a chart that shows different ways to lace them up so I need to work my way through them I guess, its just makes me feel downhearted as its always breathing and stamina ive struggled with and now ive cracked that.

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Doglovinredhead

I hope you find what’s causing it. The shape of the shoe might be wrong for you, pressing on a nerve or a blood vessel.

Yes I wondered about that, I think I need to go and get some professional advice maybe if I want to carry on, which I really do. Thank you x

I switched trainer brands from Mizuno to Brooks (Glycerins) and found that sorted mine out completely. I still get a feeling of ‘hot feet’ for hours afterwards, but no pain. :-)

Interesting, thank you x

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