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Week 8 run 1 completed

Wow did I say week 8, o boy have come a long way.

Did my first run yesterday, returning to the canal a little further along to have a change in scenery. legs were like jelly when I finished, pushed through that five/ten minute gremlin , seemed a little easier. completed the run.

Glen :)

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Well done ...only 5 more runs to go until you graduate. It is my first run of Week 8 this evening....just hoping those gremlins don't come out again!


O yes I am counting down lol, I been using a piece of advice I read on here a bit back, about those gremlins, I was not in pain, not out of breath (to much), I slowed down a bit more and tol gremlins to get lost.

Best of luck, let me know how you get on though Im sure you will do okay.

:) :) :) Glen


Done my Run 1 this evening and it was tough - breathing was up & down ( is out of breath) slowed down to recover but I just felt physically tired today, I think it was a mixture of things - had a busy weekend it was non stop, pain in my top right leg & I just felt out of sorts but I did it, but it was a struggle. Well done you (think I might try that with those gremlins). 😃


Well done! You are so close now. Time to start planning what you are going to do post graduation. Any ideas?


MM been mulling over actually reaching 5K lol, then maybe a park run AND THEN home run next year which is a 10K run. O I have also been thinking about joining local running club but am a little concerned due to my age.

:) :) :)


Don't wait! Go along to your local parkrun now, you'll love it. (...and don't worry about not having run 5k yet - there will likely be loads of people walking before you do!)


Keep going slow and steady, the finish line is in sight!!!


O indeed it is, I can,t do nowt else but slow and steady lol :) :) :)

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