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Aches and pains


I just started week 2 and finding I’m struggling with knee/ back/ hip pain. I’ve been taking a day off to recover between runs as instructed by the programme - at one point however, I had to take three days off as the pain was in my lower back (and having put my back out very painfully several times in the past few years, I didn’t want to take any risks). Just wanted to ask, is it normal to experience all these aches and pains to begin with?!

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Oh no that's frustrating for you. Well done for getting this far. I'm no expert at all and there others on here that are so I am sure they will give you sound advice but have you read the guide on posture? Iannodatruffe or Oldfloss can give you the guide. It could possibly be that you are going too fast - I've slowed it right down & then slowed it down some more following the advice on here & it has helped me get to W9. It could possibly be your trainers - it is worth getting gait analysis and investing in a decent pair there is also a guide for that Good luck with your journey & keep us posted.

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It is frustrating, especially as I really had to bully myself into starting the programme - I’m the opposite of athletic, and feel very self-conscious running. Some advice on posture would be great, so I will wait and see if the guys you mention respond too! Thanks for your reply x

aches and some soreness is very common as people who have not run before shock their bodies by expecting them to go jogging about. Some strengthening exercises for your rest days may help.

However pain is an other issue. Only you can know but it may be worth seeing a sports physio for advice. I went yesterday with my gymnast daughter and the physio was brilliant at identifying what was causing her back pain and giving her exercises to help.

Thanks helenwheels - that’s useful advice. I think I’ll just have to be careful and if there’s pain, it’s probably better to just wait until it’s gone (even if it means a longer break between runs). Thankfully at least it only seems to be in one place at a time so far!

If you feel uncomfortable, are you running tense? This might cause muscle pain in your back. Look into strength exercises to support your running

It’s more nerve (sciatic) / joint pain than muscle pain. My lower back and knees have never been great, so in a way I expected this. Am just hoping if I persevere, they’ll get stronger and it’ll get better! Back strength exercises are a good call I’m sure - I currently do these if I’m experiencing back pain, but not as an everyday thing.

Hello I'm glad you posted this. I have just done my 3rd run of week 2 and my knee is absolutely killing me 😳 I left 4 days since the last one too as it started hurting then. I'm worried I'm going to do myself some proper damage!

Glad to hear I’m not the only one! Though obviously not glad to hear that you’re suffering 😟 - hope it stops hurting soon! (And for me too!)

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