Aches and pains *help*

Hey so I'm on week 5 going on to day 2 and I'm freaking out about Day 3 already... with the 20minute run.. I find when I'm running at a good pace I can't get my breathing right but when I'm going slower I get an awful pain in my calves it's like there tight and heavy... I've bought good trainers and tried stretching but nothing works other than running faster... and I can't keep up with that πŸ™ˆ Any tips would be great πŸ‘



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  • Firstly, run very slowly. Don't even attempt to run fast at this stage as that's a quick way to injury.

    - Up your stretching and do it several times a day making sure your muscles are warm when you do it.

    - You can self massage your calves while sitting on a chair.

    - Invest in a foam roller as this gives you a very deep massage. Hurts like hell but it works magic to get rid of knots and tight muscles πŸ˜–

    - If you can, have a sports massage.

    And about that W5R3, most of us have fretted about this one. But the programme works and you are ready for it and you can do it. At this stage it's very much a mental challenge so just run very slowly and tell your head that your body is going to do this come what may. Then, relish that epic feeling when you finish abd tell us all about it πŸ€—

  • Thanks for your help will try all of these :)

  • It sounds as though you might be all tensed up when you run. Think loose, loose and slow, slow - a running motion more than a 'run' and try smaller steps rather than 'striding out' Which bit of your foot is hitting the ground first?

  • I was just gonna say that ☺

    Be a bit Zen ☺

  • I have some thoughts about this, because I also have noticed recently that running more slowly feels like heavy work! I've been following a training plan that includes a weekly slow jog, and I have been inclined to cheat and speed up. But running slowly is actually the best workout there is, and so is worth the effort.

    I think that the problem may partly come from prolonging ground contact, which causes the ankle to flex strongly. Try sitting on a chair and lifting your foot up and down by bending and straightening the knee. First, keep a relaxed foot, with the heel at a 90 degree angle (as if you were just standing straight upright. Now try the same movement, but flexing the ankle by pointing your toes strongly toward your body. Feel the strain on the shin? Not to mention the Achilles tendon!

    So, when running, as GoogleMe said, think of taking smaller, lighter steps. But also try "quick feet", minimising the amount of time your feet are on the floor. I do this by aiming to kick my bum at each step, I think of it as "prancing" - but be careful not to be toooo bouncy, as Laura says (if you're following Laura, otherwise forget I said that :) ). Try to keep the feet relaxed, thinking about the chair exercise I mentioned above. This running style may feel a bit silly, but actually it looks really cool, and it helps improve your range of motion. All the elite runners kick toward their bums as they run!

    The other thing is - I'm not sure what you mean by "can't get my breathing right"? If you are trying to do 3 or 4 steps per breath (e.g. 3 steps in, 3 steps out) when exerting yourself, it could be that you would manage better by breathing on 2 steps. Don't worry about being noisy, it will improve as you get fitter! If you mean you are getting to the point where you feel as though can't breathe any more and may keel over, then working on your slow running form is really what you need to do.

    As you can see, I am a graduate, so I may find all of this easier to do because I'm a bit fitter than you - but keeping it slow will get you there.

    Good luck with the rest of the programme, you are doing brilliantly!!

  • I remember being soooooo disappointed when Laura told me off for bouncing...

  • Working out on little trampolines is really trendy at the moment :)

    And have you seen those bouncy shoes??

  • When I'm at my faster pace my toes are hitting first and slower my heels I've tried hitting down in the middle of my foot but haven't quite mastered it yet.. I'm out tonight so will try slow fingers crossed! Thanks for ur reply

  • Don't panic don't panic.....

    I fretted good and proper too about wk5r3 but really, don't worry , you will be fine....The programme works, go at it with a smile and the knowledge that you will do it

  • Hopefully the right breathing technique, good music and better on my feet and il eventually get there thanks for ur reply πŸ˜€

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