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Running apps - what's the difference?


So, I downloaded 3 running apps that were recommended: MapMyRun, Strava and Runkeeper. I used them all today to monitor my W5 R1 run. I'm looking at the results afterwards and my question is... what really is the difference? I can't really decide which one I like most because they are all essentially providing the same information in very similar layouts imo. Except, MapMyRun says I burned 100 more calories than Runkeeper.

I'm leaning towards Runkeeper because the layout is more fun and I like the audio updates (no robotic voice).

What's everyone else's opinion? (Hope all your runs are going well!)

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I’ve been using runkeeper which has been fine. I ocaisionaly get fed up with constant promptings to upgrade from the free version (i’m a cheapskate!) but just ignore them. I haven’t tried anything else so would be interested in any comparative reviews...


I’m using the app that comes with Apple iPhones via my Apple Watch (I know, right)...

I’ve downloaded Strava but can’t bring myself to cut the umbilical cord with the Apple app.

Tasha99Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Why do you want to swap? I’ve just got an Apple Watch 🤗

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Tasha99

I don’t want to. And I’m probably not going to. I downloaded Strava to see if it had more/better features but I’m too used to using the Apple Watch app.


Runkeeper allows you to programme intervals.

Endomondo picks out your fastest 1,3, 5k etc


I used Runkeeper for ages and was very happy with it.


I use Strava. My other half got an offer for premium at a hugely discounted rate and as he's on it too I went with that.

I like the training effect monitor which shows an overview of how you're doing. Not overly keen on segments but at least it allows you to see how you're doing compared with others in your age group etc.

My watch uploads automatically to Strava through Garmin connect which is really simple.


My Smartphone is excellent in every way, however, it is not the latest model and is not compatible with some of the newer running apps that most of C25K runners use. I did find an older app that does tell me distance, duration, very importantly pace, speed in km/h and calories. I found it when searching on the Play Store app on my phone, namely:-RUN-LOG.COM.


I use Strava, mainly because it was the first one I found, and I was using it for cycling too. I was thinking of getting heart-monitoring smart watch, but there are too many to choose from, and too broad a price range. Being a boomer I don't understand this tech stuff, so I'll probably decide not to.

thefuturelizGraduate in reply to theoldfellow

Yeah I was recently looking into smart watches but there's just too many! I would ideally like one that's waterproof so I can use it for swimming too.

FlowellGraduate in reply to thefutureliz

I use Fitbit flex for swimming and is working to link to phone etc for running too, so far! And it is on the cheaper end.

RumourGraduate in reply to thefutureliz

Garmin Forerunner 35. It is waterproof and catches all the data you would ever need. Garmin Connect downloads automatically to Strava. The watch has four buttons and is not a touch screen, so no danger of altering anything while doing exercise. No need to spend a fortune on an apple product, this does it all. On Amazon for under £130


I use Strava because other friends of mine were using it (some for running, some for cycling) and I like following what they are up to and giving/receiving ‘kudos’.

It syncs with my (gen 1) Apple watch and iPhone activity app too so I’m happy with that.

I use my Fitbit and it’s linked to Strava

I use the Polar Beat app on my phone to track my runs and Polar Flow to combine the info gathered from Beat and from my Polar Loop tracker. I had used a Polar heart rate monitor well before the times of mobile phones, let alone smart phones. I recently moved back to Polar after growing annoyed with my Fitbit activity tracker and bought a Polar activity tracker. Very happy with the lot.

The Polar Beat app can be used alone, though combining it with a heart rate monitor, should give one a more real picture of calorie burn etc, if that is wanted.


I like Runkeeper. Love the voice prompts that you can set yourself. I like to know every 5 mins I have run. And it's funny! I also have a fitbit and the two seem to give similar data. Strava always seems to give me faster times and I find it keeps pausing.

thefuturelizGraduate in reply to Ang33333

Yeah I've really enjoyed the voice prompts on Runkeeper! I think it'll be my main app I use for now.

Strava for me and no problems with it. Plus lots of c25kers and grads on it so great to see how well my running buddies are doing. Also syncs with my Garmin watch too. 😊

thefuturelizGraduate in reply to Ripcurlrana71

I've found that a lot of people like to use Strava for the community/sharing aspect. Which Garmin watch do you have btw?

I have the Garmin forerunner 35.

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