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Week 2 run 3 done!

Hi everyone,

I am doing this challenge with my fiancé el. We have a big trip planned next year and want to get fit before we go!

I have been unfit and overweight (20st) most of my adult life. El is much fitter than I am but we have both become coach potatoes since getting together.

After run 3 week 2 we are both positive! Els knee hurts a bit and my shins feel quite achey but recovery time is much quicker!

Slightly anxious about the prospect of a 3 Min run in week 3 but we will give it our all!

Thanks for the helpful posts on this site. I rarely post on forums or Socia media but think it’s a great.platform and reallympostive to help people and keep them focused.

Good luck everyone!

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

The guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

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It’s worth remembering that in week 3 you still run for 9 minutes same as week 2 so it’s not as big a step as it may seem. You just miss out a couple of walking breaks.

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