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W4R2 - Well that was eventful!😮


I've just finished this run and was surprised to see a deer run across the street in front of me towards the local rugby pitch! (probably a graduate of C25K!!). I've just reported it to the local council - I hope it's safe.

This was my first proper run alone - I usually go with a friend or drag my hubby to brisk walk with me for company. I know I'm a wuss but I feel a bit scared running alone - I prefer the quieter paths which take me from the main streets into the countryside. (Although I go more than I bargained for today!!) A major part of this whole experience is my sense of well-being and I feel so happy being surrounded by nature - it's really helping to lift my spirits. I feel on such a high when I've finished - although completely exhausted - it make you feel alive!

I was worried about this run, but am finding all your posts and comments so incredibly inspiring and supportive. It's great to be part of something so big. Thanks everyone.

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Oh wow! What a lovely bonus to running. I wonder who was more surprised, you or the deer haha.

It’s amazing how fabulous you feel after a run isn’t, no matter how much you struggled to get through it, the rewards are so worth it.

Well done 👏👍

FunnyMummy1Graduate in reply to SandieF

Thanks SandieF...didn't get a chance to reply yesterday. The support on here is great! 😊

Let's see what tomorrow's run brings!!

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