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Well that nearly killed me!!!! Decided to go a different way and the first half was a little more up hill than I realised, shan’t be doing that route again 🥵

Can’t imagine running for more than 5 minutes at a time, feeling very worried about next week.

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I’m in exactly the same position. Just got back from W4R2 and it was a real struggle. Short on both 5 min runs and I also changed my route. Going back to my normal route next time to see if that helps. I’m not giving up though! I’ll move onto W5 when I can comfortably get through the 5 mins. Every run is progress. Can’t believe I couldn’t even get through 60 seconds not that long ago!

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You're doing great, please don't worry about next week as all the runs you've done up until now has prepared you for it. Just go slow and make sure you're drinking plenty water 7 days a week. Good luck 😊

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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to Buddy34

thanks as always Buddy34 for your lovely support

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Worry not.. you are doing fine... slow and steady, and avoid the hills for a while if you can...

If you are struggling, then simply slow down more:)

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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Hi Oldfloss, I feel if I slow down any more I will be going backwards , but I still love it

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Twinkle9

That's all that matters and... running backwards can be huge fun!


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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to Oldfloss


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Avoid gradients as much as you can until your fitness improves that way you won’t feel so defeated. I still struggle with mild gradients and I’ve just completed the programme but I don’t care at least I’m not sofa surfing!

You’re doing great 👍

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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to Thickthighs

Thanks for the advice, unfortunately it’s a bit hilly where I live by I will go back to my old root which if I time it right gets me to walk up most of the hills 😁

I'm only a week ahead of you and I felt exactly the same way, plus I ducked out of a hill (ok, slight incline) on Wk4R3. But trust the programme, you can do it! I've just finished week 5 and I'm on cloud 9. 😊

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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to FatterPenguin

Thank you fatterpenguin, that gives me hope 😁

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Isn't it amazing how much more attuned we become to the contours and gradient of the landscape once we start running on them instead of just walking?

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Twinkle9Graduate in reply to sTrongFuse

Yes we do 🤣🤣

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